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Buescher True Tone Low Pitch 1927 Alto Saxophone

I have an 88 yr old buescher true tone low pitch alto saxophone, made in 1927. It is currently in for repair and I am a bi…

7 hours ago
by buescher.1927 (4 posts)

Tenor Madness, Inc. Repair Technician Reach Out...

Hi Everybody,

My name is Thomas Helmer and I've been working with Randy going on 10 years this summer! I've learne…

2 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (22 posts)

Couesnon Bari key guard

I need a single sunray keyguard low B, Bb, or C(all seem to be the same size) for a Couesnon bari sax. Anyone know where I ca…

3 weeks ago
by PRM (1 post)

Sax tone has changed since overhaul

Hi there!

I am based in South Africa and we really…

1 month ago
by kelsey (876 posts)

pad sticking

Greetings, can anyone give me some tips on how to stop a pad from sticking? My g sharp sticks sometimes and now i find that t…

8 months ago
by TurnerSax (1 post)

Silver plating in a can

Hi all
There is a method of silver plating that is created on the metal, ie a bare brass sax, by polishing. I am sure…

8 months ago
by madmajor (12 posts)

Soprano can't play lower than an A (both octaves)

So I went to play my soprano which I don't always do, so I took it out, and realized that something was REALLY wrong when…

8 months ago
by madmajor (12 posts)

Really spitty sound that won't go away

I play the alto sax since the 5th grade and I just started having this problem. My sax always sounds spitty! I have read a…

8 months ago
by madmajor (12 posts)

King Vol true one button bad

vol true 1923-1929 .  my grandad played this for years, i played it for a few with

no problem.

one n…

8 months ago
by dhg (5 posts)

I don't want to relacquer, but it's rusting. Any other options?


I've got a Selmer Super Action 80, Series I, that I inherited from my dad and I've been playing for…

11 months ago
by Astaril (3 posts)

I think she's going back....

Well, the great deal I got on my 20 yo Bundy II tenor may not have been that great.  After practicing for a few days…

12 months ago
by direw0lf (8 posts)

How to begin an overhaul project as a newbie

Hi all,

I have a Yamaha YTS-62 that's been sitting in the closet for about ten years.  I was a decent player…

1 year ago
by birdlover (43 posts)

YAS 62 Neck Replacement

I have my Yamaha YAS 62 neck seriously bended as attached photo. Is it possible to be repaired? 

For repla…

1 year ago
by GFC (515 posts)

New pad choice for c melody sax

I have a Buescher c melody (Wurlitzer stamp) that was in my mother's attic since the late 20's.  I am looking to rest…

1 year ago
by buie123 (2 posts)

Oxidisation repair

Hi all,

So after about 16 years of wanting to play the sax I decided to take the plunge and buy one. I didn't w…

1 year ago
by GFC (515 posts)

Warbled sound on Alto Sax

Trying to figure out what is causing a warbled sound on some of the mid to low notes on my alto sax.  The high regist…

1 year ago
by GFC (515 posts)

alto is playing up an octave

Hi! so ive been playing the alto saxophone for about three and a half years(im only in 8th grade), and when ever i tr…

1 year ago
by saxgourmet (123 posts)

Jean Baptist Alto Won't Play 3 lowest Notes

Hello, I am now retired as a school music teacher and out of necessity I have aquired quite a bit of repair, repad and reb…

1 year ago
by old music teacher (3 posts)

just saying hi

hi everyone 

ive been playing alto-tenor for about 16years keen to try baritone 
and im learning…

1 year ago
by ibblowin

Lots of Questions

Dear Sax Quest Forum,

My name is Trevor!   I recently had my Cannonball "Raven" Big Bel…

2 years ago
by TrevorDM

Elkhart sax repair

I was on the "Net a while back and came across an outfit - I believe - in Indiana (Elkhart?) - they charge, if I remember…

2 years ago
by kelsey (876 posts)

Anyone experience with repairs in Eastern Europe?

Hello, my first post, my family originates from Bohemia, around Cheb, and I'm planning to go there for a holiday. It seeme…

2 years ago
by dulwer

Sky Sax

I have recenty bought a SKY Saxaphone Alto, which was suppose to be in excellent condition, but it is not. i just wanted som…

2 years ago
by kelsey (876 posts)

Yamaha G1 necks do not fit the old 62 model tenors

Just in case anyone else has encountered this issue. I recently purchased a silver G1 neck for my 62 tenor. The octave mechan…

2 years ago
by savio (8 posts)

Mouthpiece cleaning

I have been very miticulous about keeping my horns and mouthpieces clean and dry after each session.  I have an elabo…

2 years ago
by birdlover (43 posts)
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