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Soprano vs Tenor

I am currently plays soprano but i want to switch to tenor. Any advice?

16 hours ago
by ferhal86

How to Clean a Saxophone ?

I have one question, that is 
How to clean a saxophone ?

Looking forward

Fernando H <…

16 hours ago
by ferhal86 (4 posts)

Chateau Saxohpone

Hello Peeps !

i am Dickson and i am totally new to saxophone .. i tried to google about saxophone but its more…

3 days ago
by ferhal86 (4 posts)

Method book for pseudo beginner on bari sax

I am a recreational trumpet player who has always wanted to learn bari sax,  So I bought one and need…

7 days ago
by kelsey (876 posts)

New piece for alto and electronics!

Please check it out!  Great performance by Alastair Penman. 

1 week ago
by gsheil

glory alto sax

The parent of one of my high school students purchased a Glory alto sax. I can not find any information about them (who ma…

2 weeks ago
by Saxlover70 (9 posts)

Sax Question - Buescher Aristocrat 200

Hello, I never knew a site like this existed. Well anyways I will cut to the chase, I bought a Buescher Aristocrat 200 fro…

2 weeks ago
by Saxlover70 (9 posts)

First sax for child

i am wondering if there is a quality 'toy' saxhone that my 6 year old grandson can learn on and play with without breaking…

3 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (23 posts)

CG Conn Sax

My dad just passed away and he had a sax that none of us knew about. All I know is that its a CG Conn and it dates 1914. I…

4 weeks ago
by JonHuff (57 posts)

Baritone Selmer Mark VI


Three months ago I became the baritone player of a big band. I'm now using a rental saxophone but I'm l…

1 month ago
by GFC (515 posts)

Steve Goodson Curved Soprano

I'm looking at a Steve Goodson Curved Soprano on ebay.
Are they good horns, or should I look for a Yani or Mauriat?

2 months ago
by saxgourmet (123 posts)

R & C clones?

I have a 1996 Ramone & Cazzani half curved soprano R1.  Under The s/n is Ishihara. Does this mean it's z clone?

2 months ago
by sparacim

help with sax identification

Hello and happy thanksgiving  to all. I was hoping someone could help me out with some information.  I've had a…

2 months ago
by Jazzymel (2 posts)

Intresting Christmas Sweater

Hello Fridnes <3

Here's an interesting sweater that I thought some of you might enjoy :)…

2 months ago
by emmet345

needing help with picking a saxophone for my daughter.

Hi everyone. 
I know this is probably not…

3 months ago
by tessa86

What is my Saxophone model ??

Hello, I'm trying to sell my Saxophone that I bought off my friend a while ago. He bought it originally for about 700-800…

3 months ago
by joelkhalu (3 posts)

help picking out new Saxaphone

My daughter is 14 and has been playing the Alto Sax for 3 years now, we are looking to purchase her a new more advanced sa…

3 months ago
by GFC (515 posts)

Why do I squeak @ times?

I have been learning alto sax for 3 months. I have gravitated over from a flute for 18 months. I am self taught on both instr…

3 months ago
by eduardo70 (1 post)

New saxophone won't play...?

I got a new saxophone today, a P. Mauriat PMSA-57GC, and for some reason it won't play at all. First I tried using the new…

3 months ago
by cdonegan778

Looking to buy an intermediate alto sax

Hello! I'm in 10th grade and have been playing the alto sax for 5 years (although I've played musical instruments in gener…

3 months ago
by sellfifa (0 posts)

New Yamaha Bari 52 or Used Selmer Super Action 80 II?

New Yamaha Bari 52 or Used Selmer Super Action 80 II…

3 months ago
by GFC (515 posts)

What's it worth? A Bundy/Selmer alto sax from 1969 ...

The horn was bought new in 1969. I played it for two years in high school - 1969 & 1970. A niece and nephew each played…

3 months ago
by Waynedziu54

Dads sax

found my dads old sax. Can any body tell me anything about it? These are the pics. Made In Elkhart. 


4 months ago
by JonHuff (57 posts)

YAS-32 (52) Price

I’m considering buying a used YAS-32 (YAS-52)…

4 months ago
by GFC (515 posts)

Alto vs Tenor

My son is 11 and starting his 2nd year of school band.  He currently plays alto but is wanting to…

4 months ago
by Dermy (1 post)
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