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Sazophone Tuning

Hi everyone . Maybe a silly question , but is it possibble or even practcal to tune saxophone to 432hz

thanks &…

6 minutes ago
by Jonolockjaw

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15 hours ago
by martinmilner4

Entry level question

Good day - I am new to the saxophone and would like to ask a few questions. I am 49 and hope to start saxophone lessons. T…

3 days ago
by JonHuff (34 posts)

Sirus II

Does anyone have any experience with any of these (soprano, alto, or tenor)? 1 replies by Yonatan (1 post) 10 years ago

1 week ago
by ksc (1 post)

Growling on Saxophone


I've been trying to create a growling effect on my alto sax. I know that there are several ways to growl, b…

3 weeks ago
by theokayplayer (3 posts)

Selmer Mark VI for sale richmond VA

Sorry if this is not the right location.  I recognize this question gets asked ALL THE TIME but I have a beautiful ol…

3 weeks ago
by HappySax (22 posts)

Baby Saxophone

Hi, I am Davinder Kumar, for TR Musicals, India. We are saxophone and clarinet manufacturer. I would like to tell you about…

4 weeks ago
by coinlineukssss (0 posts)

Yamaha Alto Neck

I have a great Selmer Mark VI and love the sound, but it is due for a trip to the "Health Spa", so I picked up a nice Yama…

4 weeks ago
by coinlineukssss (0 posts)

New mouthpiece/ligature ideas???

Hi everyone!

1 month ago
by midhaman (2 posts)

Shipping saxophone and cleaning inside of the case

Hi all,

I have to ship a saxophone and have never done it before so have a couple of questions.

I want to…

1 month ago
by mgictwnger (14 posts)

I'm needing help with knowing what type of sax my daughter needs

My daughter plays alto sax and tenor but mainly alto.   I bought her a Vito sax used about three years ago but she's…

2 months ago
by madmajor (12 posts)

Yamaha 62, P.Mauriat 67r or Selmer Mark 6 ??

IN this price range what are your opinions of which sax to buy of these 3 ?

thanks in advance


2 months ago
by madmajor (12 posts)

Tenor Sax Mouthpiece+Reed Combo

Hello! I'm an Alto player who recently switched to tenor for my jazz combo. I've recently been having trouble finding the…

2 months ago
by kelsey (851 posts)

Conn series m naked lady sax

My husband bought a conn sax at an estate sale.  The serial number is 811898.  That is the only thing we could f…

2 months ago
by marcys (3 posts)

Conn shooting Stars Model

Conn shooting Stars Model, what do you think of them and why??? Thanx. Ive seen alot of them and i was just curious.

2 months ago
by Easyfutco (2 posts)

Mouth peice alto sax type's ?

Can anyone explain mouth peice types , uses and why they have different keys?

I'm not that good yet but in a ba…

2 months ago
by 4rsgoldzyy (1 post)

I know Yamaha

I would like to ask what's a good student saxophone brand? I know Yamaha. Selmer, Bundy are mentioned often

2 months ago
by GFC (465 posts)

Please advise on selling these....

My Dad was an WW instrument repairman and taught instrument repair cla…

2 months ago
by Anatidae (2 posts)

New to Saxophone

Hi, I'm totally new, but I have the desire to learn and eventually play sax. I'm a Native American Flute player and guitar…

2 months ago
by GFC (465 posts)

Guardala Baritone Saxophone

I'm considering the purchase of Dave Guardala bari, but I cannot find a review of them.  Does anyone have any knowled…

3 months ago
by saxgourmet (119 posts)

what kind of buescher is this?

serial no. 448456 ( puts it in 1965-1970 time)
has buescher on the key tabs ,but no writing  or logo on body .

3 months ago
by GFC (465 posts)
3 months ago
by GFC (465 posts)

buying my first saxophone

So I love the sax don't know much about it, but really want to learn how to play. I just wanted to know the basics, and an…

3 months ago
by Saxquest (350 posts)

Tenor Sax Reed on Alto Sax M.P.

Hi Everybody

For a long time now I've been trying to get that certain tone  on my alto Sax.…

3 months ago
by Zaxman (21 posts)

Thanks to Mark

Thank you Mark! I enjoy this site and am happy that you, once again, have gotten rid of the trolls. Isn't it possible to r…

4 months ago
by GFC (465 posts)
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