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Tenor sax mouthpiece recommendations

Please recommend a good mouthpiece for a tenor sax Yamaha yts-275.  I've being playing the alto sax (for 3 years) wit…

17 hours ago
by zenosax

Buying a Saxophone For the First Time

I'm 16 years old and I'm going into 11th grade so it'll be roughly 5 years that I have been playing an Alto Sax for school…

2 days ago
by saxplayer97

My Sax Videos

 I have a YouTube channel called MusicalRapture. Heres the link:

3 days ago
by PhillipS.

Can the Sax be Muted for Practice?

I'd like to learn to play the sax, but live in an appartment and hate to subject all to the racket I'll be making the first y…

3 days ago
by saxgourmet (108 posts)

Aquilasax - problems and solutions

I ordered a c-melody metalpro widebody #5 from Steve on 24.2. His website said it’s available and…

3 days ago
by mitali (5 posts)

Can you identify this saxophone?

I received this saxophone as my in-laws were going through their father's estate.  He was a collector/hoarder, so I'm…

1 week ago
by Miranda
1 week ago
by bobbystern

2nd F# abouve middle C (Altissimo)

I have been able to learn and hit the six notes, C above middle C and chromatically up through the second F above middle C…

2 weeks ago
by valhalla

Hi from a Beginner!

Hi Friends ... I'm a beginner from Bali of Indonesia. So happy to join this site ...

2 weeks ago
by michaelsengkey

Calling All Baritone Saxophones for largest ever Gathering

We are seeking Baritone Saxophones internationally of all levels to participate in the…

3 weeks ago
by fitthebattle

Would you consider this to be a "fingerbuster"?

A "fingerbuster" might be thought of as the instrumentalist's version of a "tongue-twister" which is usua…

3 weeks ago
by bobbystern

BRANCHER-FRANCE TSG Tenor Saxophone Play - Test

I recently became a BRANCHER-FRANCE Saxophones endorser and I am offering up this no replies by bobbystern (6 posts) 4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
by bobbystern

Selling Mark VI Tenor Sax. Serial number M. 223667

I have this Mark VI Tenor sax that I purchased in Los Angeles in 1974.  I am still not sure if it is a 1973 0r 1974.…

1 month ago
by mkamplain

Summer exercises

Hello everybody, 

First I want to apologize because I'm French and my English isn't good...


1 month ago
by followyourdreams

Saxophone Reed Survey

Hello saxopho…

1 month ago
by neil.suri1

Name that Selmer USA Sax

I have a Selmer usa Alto Sax and I am desperately trying to figure out the model. It is serial number 1223822. It says Sel…

1 month ago
by 4kids4me

Yamaha Alto sax for sell

Do you need Yamaha Alto Sax? Email me now

1 month ago
by Buckley01

Need help looking for sax


I played sax for around 6 years, all through middle school and highschool. LOVE IT. I am now wrapping up wi…

2 months ago
by kelsey (793 posts)

Selmer Series II - Middle School Band?! Help!

I have a question. My 11-year-old son has signed up for middle school band, and has been assigned alto sax. He will be taking…

2 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

is the Selmer AS42 a good saxophone

I've been looking for a low end professional or an intermediate saxophone that is under $3.5k. I've also looked at the Yam…

3 months ago
by kelsey (793 posts)

Jazz Singer Cheryl Barnes Performing At House of Music

Looking for a place to get lost in Jazz music? Cheryl Barnes can take care of that for you. On May 15th,…

3 months ago
by purpledarts

Tenor Sax reviews

My son is getting ready to play the Tenor Sax for the fisrt time. He has played the Violin, Clarinet and the Bass Clarinet…

3 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

Saxophone Ensemble

I play in Georgia Southern University's saxophone ensemble and we are look for original works for saxophone ensemble or ch…

3 months ago
by Rob.Ingram

Tenor Sax... Cecilio?

Hello All, I'm a young saxophonist with quite a bit of experience. I recently joined a rock band and have found myself needin…

3 months ago
by trumpettech (1 post)

Junior Recital

I am about to be an upcoming Junior at Georgia Southern Universirty. Im looking in to doing a Junior recital but we are ha…

3 months ago
by getjamming (3 posts)
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