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Help Find the Sheets!

Hi everyone! i'm from Russia, Ufa. I need your help very much! Can you help me to find this - Georg Philipp Telemann'…

19 hours ago
by Berthead1

17 year rest, now need a sax

Hi all,

I havent played for about 17 years and want to start playing again, i was looking at buying a new Yamah…

2 days ago
by James2016 (4 posts)

need info on a sax

I have an old alto sax that my mom found at a garage sale, it is engraved on bell only with "Paris, France" and serial num…

2 days ago
by Saxlover70 (14 posts)

Know this sax?

my dad has had this sax for ages and I think it belonged to his grandfather. Just came across it again and was wondering i…

2 weeks ago
by GFC (544 posts)

High F advice please


I am an old guy (over 50) who has just picked up the alto sax about 6 months ago and am progressing fairly…

2 weeks ago
by DonnaSax (3 posts)

info about Eb alto

could somebody help a brotha' out?? i've owned this frank holton&co Eb alto silver sax since 1990(age 16). have found…

3 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (37 posts)

Soprano vs Tenor

I am currently plays soprano but i want to switch to tenor. Any advice?

4 weeks ago
by mgictwnger (17 posts)

Tomasi's Ballade

Hi everyone,

I have been writing my programme notes for Henri Tomasi's Ballade for Alto Saxophone and Piano. Bu…

4 weeks ago
by hahalulu

Jody Jazz HR* Rubber Mouthpiece

So I recently invested in a new mouthpiece, the Jody Jazz HR* mouthpiece. It plays very well and the sound is really makin…

4 weeks ago
by mijderf (9 posts)

Opinions needed for purchasing a professional Alto Sax!

Hello All,

I live in Los Angeles, CA. My cousin lives in another country and he has been playing saxophone sinc…

1 month ago
by GFC (544 posts)

Tenor Saxophone Super action 80 serie I

hello guys

how about Tenor sax Super Action 80 Serie I for you?
and which better serie I or II? #tenorsax<…

1 month ago
by GFC (544 posts)

levels of sax players

Was wondering how do u consider someone an intermidiate sax player lol 

1 month ago
by chinrenyu (3 posts)

New Yamaha Bari 52 or Used Selmer Super Action 80 II?

New Yamaha Bari 52 or Used Selmer Super Action 80 II…

1 month ago
by ferhal86 (12 posts)

Chateau Saxohpone

Hello Peeps !

i am Dickson and i am totally new to saxophone .. i tried to google about saxophone but its more…

2 months ago
by GFC (544 posts)

Selmer Mark VI in a pawn shop?

I was visiting some local pawn shops today just for fun and I happened to come across what apppears to be a selmer mark VI fo…

2 months ago
by (0 posts)


I am considering both of these used horns. Both about five years old and both about the same price, $2,500.

I d…

2 months ago
by ferhal86 (12 posts)

Jupiter 500 Series tenor saxophone

Hello, I would like to ask you for how much I can sell this tenor saxophone on ebay uk.

It is in good condition an…

2 months ago
by ferhal86 (12 posts)

Selmer's Advanced models (Tenors)

Just curious. I see so many Selmer Models out there like the Series II Super 80, Series III, Reference 36 and 54 and of co…

2 months ago
by GFC (544 posts)

Wisdom GE1001-C? Avoid or Bargain?

Advertised in Thailand as a Wisdom GE1001-C.  This is apparently a new Eb Saxophone (I assume Alto, though the ad doe…

2 months ago
by GFC (544 posts)

notes between middle octave B flat and C sharp not playing right?

I've been playing saxophone for about seven years, and have been playing on the current alto sax (yamaha) I have for about…

2 months ago
by GFC (544 posts)

Thoughts on Gretsch Saxophones

I was wondering how some of you feel about Gretsch Saxophone's. I'm going to be buying my first saxophone pretty soon. I'm…

3 months ago
by NewSaxCity (4 posts)

Milwaukee stencil sax

hey guys, I'm thinking of picking up a alto saxophone off of ebay and wanted your opinions. The saxophone is a milwaukee s…

3 months ago
by Saxquest (371 posts)

sax swot

Hi everyone! I'm interested to buy an used Yanagisawa sax, 00144375 serial number. Could someone tell me what should I pay…

3 months ago
by CCYYBBEERR (0 posts)

Giardinelli Eastman Alto Saxophone - GAS10 - Any good?


Our daughter has been playing alto saxophone for the past 2.5 years, and is now in 6th grade. I've been…

3 months ago
by JonHuff (65 posts)

Tenor advice: B&S 2001 vs. Yamaha YTS-62II

I recently got a Yamaha YTS-62II, good deal too. Although I am extemely pleased with its ease of playing, I am not too excite…

3 months ago
by (1 post)
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