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Intresting Christmas Sweater

Hello Fridnes <3

Here's an interesting sweater that I thought some of you might enjoy :)…

7 hours ago
by emmet345

Steve Goodson Curved Soprano

I'm looking at a Steve Goodson Curved Soprano on ebay.
Are they good horns, or should I look for a Yani or Mauriat?

2 days ago
by zenosax

help with sax identification

Hello and happy thanksgiving  to all. I was hoping someone could help me out with some information.  I've had a…

4 days ago
by cano

needing help with picking a saxophone for my daughter.

Hi everyone. 
I know this is probably not…

2 weeks ago
by tessa86

What is my Saxophone model ??

Hello, I'm trying to sell my Saxophone that I bought off my friend a while ago. He bought it originally for about 700-800…

2 weeks ago
by joelkhalu (3 posts)

help picking out new Saxaphone

My daughter is 14 and has been playing the Alto Sax for 3 years now, we are looking to purchase her a new more advanced sa…

3 weeks ago
by GFC (499 posts)

Why do I squeak @ times?

I have been learning alto sax for 3 months. I have gravitated over from a flute for 18 months. I am self taught on both instr…

4 weeks ago
by eduardo70 (1 post)

New saxophone won't play...?

I got a new saxophone today, a P. Mauriat PMSA-57GC, and for some reason it won't play at all. First I tried using the new…

4 weeks ago
by cdonegan778

Looking to buy an intermediate alto sax

Hello! I'm in 10th grade and have been playing the alto sax for 5 years (although I've played musical instruments in gener…

4 weeks ago
by sellfifa (0 posts)

New Yamaha Bari 52 or Used Selmer Super Action 80 II?

New Yamaha Bari 52 or Used Selmer Super Action 80 II…

4 weeks ago
by GFC (499 posts)

What's it worth? A Bundy/Selmer alto sax from 1969 ...

The horn was bought new in 1969. I played it for two years in high school - 1969 & 1970. A niece and nephew each played…

1 month ago
by Waynedziu54

Dads sax

found my dads old sax. Can any body tell me anything about it? These are the pics. Made In Elkhart. 


1 month ago
by JonHuff (51 posts)

YAS-32 (52) Price

I’m considering buying a used YAS-32 (YAS-52)…

1 month ago
by GFC (499 posts)

Alto vs Tenor

My son is 11 and starting his 2nd year of school band.  He currently plays alto but is wanting to…

1 month ago
by Dermy (1 post)

Unkown saxophone maker looks like Hegase or something?? 3160

I have a saxophone that has leaf Reeves it looks like with something that looks to say Hegase but im not sure. It also has…

1 month ago
by GFC (499 posts)

Not ALL Keilwerth Black finish are "shadows"??????

Help, I bought a Keilwerth Tenor SX90 (not an "r') with a black finish thinking it was a "shadow" and now I find out…

2 months ago
by sellfifa (0 posts)

Getting back into it, my son will join band soon, advice please

so I'm almost 40, but back in high school, I was a pretty good Bari sax player.  Made several all state bands, and ev…

2 months ago
by sellfifa (0 posts)


I am considering both of these used horns. Both about five years old and both about the same price, $2,500.

I d…

2 months ago
by sellfifa (0 posts)

Yanagisawa T-991 Professional Tenor Saxophone

I am looking into buying a used Yanagiswa T-991 Tenor Sax from a local source.  The sax is 4-5 years old and was well…

2 months ago
by Waynedziu54 (4 posts)

5 Saxophones

5 Saxophones and still have no idea what to do with them, anyone have any suggestions, this is what I got     &n…

2 months ago
by GFC (499 posts)

Buscher model S-33

I have a Buscher Alto Saxaphone S/N 111908 Model S-33 purchased in 1961.  Can anyone give me any history on these sax…

2 months ago
by barisaxalpha (5 posts)

Looking for Conn 10M Neck

Can anybody help me find a Conn 10M neck? I've been playing the horn for a few years now with a different sax's neck; it f…

2 months ago
by GFC (499 posts)

I cannot switch my notes properly.

I am a Eb Alto Saxophone player and I cannot swtch from the lowest possible D to the Highest possible D. in order for me t…

2 months ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

2nd player, 2nd mouthpiece?

My son has recently decided he wanted to play saxophone, and due to school schedules, he will be able to share his sister'…

2 months ago
by JonHuff (51 posts)

New saxophone, doesn't seem to be working properly?

I not long ago bough a new alto saxophone and I only just recived it yesterday. All in all it cost £115. I've tried…

3 months ago
by TorstenScherer (0 posts)
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