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HELP: Know the brand "Ludwig Standard" ??


I am a passionate saxophoniste and now I inherited a Tenor Saxophone.

It looks very very old, the b…

11 minutes ago
by badenia (9 posts)

Unbranded 19th century Sax

Hi all, I recently bought this Silver plated sax, it has the dimensions of an Alto but with a Teno…

5 days ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (123 posts)

54 mk VI

Did all 54 mk VIs have the engraved mk VI by the octave key? Thanks Todd

6 days ago
by drtodd

elkhart baritone sax

Hi there 

I have a Baritone Sax which reads, Elkhardt Ind in the midst of floral etching on a silver ( ?)…

1 week ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (123 posts)

Fidelity America's Finest? Identification Quest

I have aquired a, seemingly, antique saxaphone but have been unable to find out very much about it. I'm especially interes…

1 month ago
by GFC (611 posts)

Vintage Bundy Saxophone - Please help evaluate

Hello all,

I recently picked up a Bundy saxophone at a yard sale, it is in rough shape with a serial code of 56…

1 month ago
by GFC (611 posts)

Possible Martin sax?

I have a saxophone that has Lyric inscribed on the bell and a serial number. I would like someone or some info on how to f…

1 month ago
by GFC (611 posts)

Tony Coes alto Leblanc rationale for sale

Yup, friend of mine is selling this horn. Please pm if interested

2 months ago
by jak (11 posts)

Vintage Conn Baritone attic find

Hi all...

I am a vintage guitar hunter but in my travels I came accross this vintage sax. I believe it is an e…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (123 posts)

Length of a Martin Handcraft Soprano?

Does anyone know what the length of a Martin Handcraft soprano saxophone is supposed to be?  I say supposed to be, be…

3 months ago
by GutsKnucklebone

Selmer Mark VI Serial Number Preferences

Hello, everyone!

I have been an avid fan of the Mark VI series for years now. Aside from the characteristic Fre…

3 months ago
by SteakNShakeJake (5 posts)

Martin "Indiana" Alto Sax - Info Needed!

I recently bought a Martin alto sax on ebay, pretty inexpensively. Inscribed on the bell is the wording, "The Indiana by Mart…

3 months ago
by lejllolajl (1 post)

Harry's Bari is for sale.

 My best friend, Haryy Washburn, is suffering from advanced Alzheimer's and cannot play any more. Famly wants to sell…

4 months ago
by Joy of Sax

Tenor saxophone BUESCHER stencil vocotone

hello from France
j 've just bought this sax  with serial number:88040
j 'd like to know the real manufactu…

4 months ago
by otto16

Sax bari Adler & Co


Hi, I have a baritone sax in MI from the brand Adler & Co. With Todel fixed. Anyone know anything about…

4 months ago
by prime63 (3 posts)

Buescher Alto from 1912

FA Buescher alto American Triumph made by ART Musical Inst Elkhart Ser. No. 14004 Can anyone share some light on this instrum…

4 months ago
by badenia (9 posts)

conn new wonder series 1 alto 1924

Looking at buying a 1924 conn new wonder series 1 alto sax from a old fellow across the street. looks like brushed silver…

5 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (123 posts)

Noblet alto made in France serial# 8904 B

I'm thinking about buying this Noblet sax in ebay. I've done some research but not sure who made this horn LeBlanc or Beag…

5 months ago
by GFC (611 posts)

Martin Imperial Handcraft

I was wantiing info on this beautiful Sax

5 months ago
by anita30 (4 posts)

Conn Tenor Sax

Hi all, 
I have a  Conn Tenor Sax in excelent condition With the serial No M197988 with the letter L undern…

5 months ago
by GFC (611 posts)

1912 silver alto sax

I am so very excited. someone is giving me a silver alto sax that he played in high school. don't know too much about it u…

5 months ago
by stilldl

Kingston saxophones ?

does anyone know anything about these saxes like, were they worth an overhaul, or aren't they a worthy cause, or if anyone kn…

5 months ago
by badenia (9 posts)

Buesher Top Hat 400 True Tone

I have a Buesher Top Hat Alto 400 that I'm looking to sell but i can't figure out its value. Serial #299558. Nor…

5 months ago
by mijderf (55 posts)

Buffet Crampon Sax

Hi everyone, my name is Jim H. and I acquired a Buffet Crampon Saxaphone from an Estate Auction. I would like to know a li…

5 months ago
by mijderf (55 posts)

Bass Saxophone-Lyon Healy

I am working on a historiograp

6 months ago
by saxklang (3 posts)
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