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buescher True Tone Low Pitch soprano serial number 233546

I would appreciate some information - I found this sax in my father's storage closet - He played it earlier in his life, n…

6 hours ago
by mgictwnger (9 posts)

vintage National tenor sax

I own a small music store in south Georgia and a customer brought me an early National tenor sax to sell. I'm not a horn play…

22 hours ago
by 5thbeatle

Rene Lorien Tenor Saxophone

Hello Saxophone players!

First let me admit, I'm not a sax player. but now am interested in learning.  A f…

1 day ago
by CindyStuart (3 posts)

Selmer Soprano Sax "New Large Bore"

Can anyone give me the estimate value of a 1928 selmer depose soprano sax?

2 weeks ago
by sax_man747 (4 posts)

Selmer Mark VI - Tenor

My husband recently passed away.   He purchased this sax in the mid 60s - I have looked up the serial # 121*** a…

2 weeks ago
by kelsey (844 posts)

Need help with identification and year

Hi everyone! I am new here. I am not a sax player but I am a music teacher and I look for instruments that I can bring int…

2 weeks ago
by Aces_Vince (3 posts)

Vintage Alto Selmer No 11785

I am just trying to found out some information on an older Slemer Alto Saxophone -Serial number 11785.
Trying to find…

2 weeks ago
by JonHuff (20 posts)

Question about Buffet Alto Sax and mouthpiece

Hello everyone, I  inherited an Alto Buffet Crampon Super Dynaction sax a few years ago which was manufactured in 197…

3 weeks ago
by JonHuff (20 posts)

C.G Conn vintage saxophone, age and info??

Hi all.

I've purchased a vintage C.G Conn. (75CAD) Gold plated? Well tarnished anyways.
It's been out of a…

3 weeks ago
by JonHuff (20 posts)

Lyon Healy American Professional Chicago Sax

I have a brass Lyon Healy American Professional Chicago sax. It has 76957 and 1914 on the back.I am going to list it for s…

4 weeks ago
by GFC (430 posts)

Keilwerth Alto saxophone toneking modell 2, Early 1930's

Hi, Im just want to ask if this the keilwerth tone king alto saxophone modell 2 silver color. and was made in 1930's base…

4 weeks ago
by GFC (430 posts)

My parents bought me an old Vito alto saxophonea bout 8 years ago

My parents bought me an old vito alto sax about 8 years ago off of eBay and I don't know when or where it was made. People…

4 weeks ago
by deersax

HELP! What do i have here!?

Hi, we've been searching the web, this and other forums, and are having no luck.  We have my father's vintage c-melod…

1 month ago
by GFC (430 posts)

Identifying a Conn Alto sax

Hi I've only bin play sax 7 years so i am a nebie to the identifying of saxes. I got this conn a couple of years ago to repl…

2 months ago
by TonyBeezer (3 posts)

Help identifying and value please

i just got this and don't really know how exactly to identify it. Hoping to sell any info on this piece and value would be…

2 months ago
by GFC (430 posts)

Brower Saxophone?

One of my students just showed me an old silver lacquer tenor with "Brower Conservatory of Music, Collingswood N.J." engraved…

2 months ago
by (1 post)

Berg Larsen & Weltklang saxes

I have just started playing again - taking lessons - after a 20 year break! Can anybody tell me something about the instrumen…

2 months ago
by HEART304 (2 posts)

SML soprano gold medal I1968

Somebody can tell me haw much could it cost?

2 months ago
by GFC (430 posts)

Vintage Bari Pro model for 'beginner' - what's the best for the $


I am a trumpet player that has been noodling around on a student level tenor.
I really want a ba…

3 months ago
by Saxquest (342 posts)

value of a Vintage Buescher Aristocrat Tenor

Hello,  Im looking for any info or vallue of this saxophone.  It is a small b Buescher Aristocrat tenor and is m…

3 months ago
by saxgourmet (117 posts)

Value of a Hamilton Tenor sax.

Im looking to get an aproxamate value of this saxaphone.   It is a hamilton with all origonal parts.  Its b…

3 months ago
by GFC (430 posts)

Leon Freres saxophones

Does anyone have any information about a 1920's tenor sax with the following details on it:- Leon Freres, Paris, France, 110,…

4 months ago
by MaxMorpheus (1 post)

Rodphone? Exotic Italian variant?

Hi! Thanks for letting me onto the forum...


I am a translator working on a history of the saxophone…

4 months ago
by Saxquest (342 posts)

what to do with a 1920 Silver Conn Alto

It doesn't play. Too many stuck keys and brittle pads. Hard to believe it was a 50 year old used horn when I learned to pl…

4 months ago
by bcontheroad (3 posts)


I have a Alto Sax that has Sonore on the body and made in Italy. I have been trying to find some information about th…

4 months ago
by GFC (430 posts)
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