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value of a Vintage Buescher Aristocrat Tenor

Hello,  Im looking for any info or vallue of this saxophone.  It is a small b Buescher Aristocrat tenor and is m…

51 minutes ago
by easom

Value of a Hamilton Tenor sax.

Im looking to get an aproxamate value of this saxaphone.   It is a hamilton with all origonal parts.  Its b…

1 hour ago
by easom

Help identifying and value please

i just got this and don't really know how exactly to identify it. Hoping to sell any info on this piece and value would be…

2 days ago
by rodrriguez1986djr

Leon Freres saxophones

Does anyone have any information about a 1920's tenor sax with the following details on it:- Leon Freres, Paris, France, 110,…

2 weeks ago
by MaxMorpheus (1 post)

Rodphone? Exotic Italian variant?

Hi! Thanks for letting me onto the forum...


I am a translator working on a history of the saxophone…

2 weeks ago
by Saxquest (331 posts)

what to do with a 1920 Silver Conn Alto

It doesn't play. Too many stuck keys and brittle pads. Hard to believe it was a 50 year old used horn when I learned to pl…

3 weeks ago
by bcontheroad (3 posts)


I have a Alto Sax that has Sonore on the body and made in Italy. I have been trying to find some information about th…

4 weeks ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Worth repairing?

Hi there, I am new to saxophones - my daughter plays. I have come into the possession of my daughter's great grand fathers…

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Help Identify Alto and Tenor Sax

Hello everyone,

First off let me say this is a wonderful site. Wish I got here a lot eariler. So I made…

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Help identify alto sax

I have an alto sax with evethe schaeffer on the horn and a serial number of 35304 on both the neck and b…

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Conn alto ID

Looking for any info about this Conn:


1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

210xxx Buescher True Tone Alto Low Pitch - Best Setup?

       I just purchased a '25 Buescher TT Alto low pitch. That being said, I need a mouthpiece (chambe…

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat Tenor (156) #328xxx

I pulled down my old sax from its shelf in the garage tonight. My late uncle gave it to me in 1984. I belie…

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)


Hy There,

I need som help with putting a pricetag on my saxophone.

I inherited this instrument…

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Strange Buescher Aristocrat Alto

I bought this sax in a pawn shop about ten years ago and just recently pulled it down and wanted to find out about it. Its…

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

1920's Buescher Bass Saxophone

Hi there, 

I recently inherited a Buescher Bass Saxohpone from my grandfather that was purchased by him in…

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Unknown Czechoslovakian Alto Saxophone

Hi All

1 replies by Prycs (1 post) 2 months ago

1 month ago
by GFC (390 posts)

What is it worth?

I have my grandfathers sax , i took it to a music store to see if they could clean it and getting working like it should a…

2 months ago
by PaleBlue22 (1 post)

Case for Buescher 1911 True Tone Tenor

I received this horn from my grandfather with it's original case and now my son is playing it in his high school jazz band…

2 months ago
by jfish

Real value of Selmer mark 6 bari

hi to everyone's!
I was offered a really nice mark 6 low b Bari in great condition, almost 99% of original lacquer on…

2 months ago
by klarinetista (2 posts)

Conn New Wonder Virtuoso Delux C-Melody Sax??

Think I might have run across a Conn New Wonder Virtuoso Delux C-Melody Sax at a pawn shop, but I'm not sure.  It is…

2 months ago
by hornjunkie (2 posts)

Vintage Conn Soprano Sax 1914 For sale

2 months ago
by Cgcook

Conn Alto

Hi.  I really appreciate the support that this site offers.  Can someone take a look at these pics and provide a…

2 months ago
by kelsey (830 posts)

Help Identify Please


i  I am looking into purchasing a used Conn alto sax and the owner is unsure of the year it was made.…

2 months ago
by gregsquared (2 posts)

Conn Saxophone Models Timeline

I am posting this for those of you curious as to what year or model your Conn saxophone might be. Here is the list with appro…

2 months ago
by cease29 (4 posts)
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