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Manufacturer: Yamaha Custon Tenor
Model: YTS-875

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By: Flavio Fernandes  See all of this user's reviews  on Mar 18, 2012

I've been playing sax for a long time and only owned 3 tenors, the first one was a yamaha student model-23, very well for studants. My second was a Selmer Super Action 80, I liked but after playing the Yamaha it just didn't feel right, the positions of the finguering is different and for some reason I was having a hard time. But them I traded for the Yamaha Custon 875 series in 1995, This horn still with me after 17 years and I only send it to repair maybe 4 times with minor leaks only. Exelent horn, very well build and amazing sound and intonation. They are build like a tank.
I'm very happy and it will never leave my side. 

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