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Keilwerth SX90R Black Alto Saxophone
The SX90R Black Nickel Model Professional Alto Saxophone has a 5-1/4" bell diameter, black nickel plated body with clear lacq

$2500.00 11/19/2014 sandych77

Yanagisawa A-9937 Alto Saxophone
eaturing solid silver neck body bow and bell construction with deluxe engraving these instruments are some of the finest saxo

$5000.00 11/19/2014 sandych77

Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone ORIG LACQ
The lacquer is original, and about 90% remaining with wear from use. There are no signs of major damage that I see. The neck

$5000.00 11/19/2014 sandych77

YAMAHA YSS-62 Soprano Saxophone
The lacquer is still very clean and shiny with some minor scratches here and there. Also, there are few minor wear on the bod

$1500.00 11/19/2014 sandych77

Selmer Mark VI Soprano Saxophone
This particular one is very nice. Original lacquer is 95+% present, with no major wear. Pads and action are very good,

$2000.00 11/19/2014 sandych77

Yamaha YAS-82z alto. Brand new V1 neck.
My 82z is up on eBay with no reserve. Outstanding Yamaha YAS-82Z alto. Recent overhaul with Kangaroo pads and this one has a

$99.00 11/10/2014 82zman

This is a cannonball global series tenor in excellent condition.
This is a global series in great condition. It has no scratches or dents anywhere. It includes one neck and the case is in pe

$1800.00 11/09/2014 alexd4life


$2000.00 11/07/2014 rumble

Yanagisawa SC991 Curved Soprano
Yanagisawa Curved Soprano SC991.  Like new condition; meticulously maintained.  Includes case, Yanagisawa mouthpiec

$2950.00 11/05/2014 jlmeye0123

Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto
I am selling my 1950 Selmer SBA alto with matching neck, serial #44xxx. 70-75% lacquer left on body and neck. The horn produc

$6000.00 11/01/2014 Kingj34

Awesome Players' Super 20!
This is a King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone Serial # 331xxx. This horn features full pearls, sterling silver neck with underslung

$4150.00 10/31/2014 Jazzplayr88

Great Playing Mark VI Alto Saxophone!
This is a 139xxx Mark VI alto saxophone circa 1967. I have had the horn professionaly checked out, and the opinion is this pa

$4800.00 10/31/2014 Jazzplayr88

Silver Buescher C-Soprano w/mpc (as is)
The horn looks complete and comes in the original case.The body tube and some of the keywork is bent, and there's also a dent

  10/26/2014 whitewater

Beautiful King Super 20 Alto Saxophone
    This is a fairly pristine example of a King Super 20 Alto Saxophone. The serial number is 390XXX which dates

$3995.00 10/25/2014 absaxshop

1968 selmer Mark VI paris tenor saxophone. Serial# M143935
1968 selmer Mark VI tenor  Selling for my father he is the original owner.   Very good condition, no dents, di

$4000.00 10/24/2014 GHAUPRICHT