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sax mics and amps

Looking for recommendations on buying a microphone (wired or wireless) and amp for mostly church and solo gigs. What are you…

1 month ago
by Barrybrown (1 post)

difference between Keilwerth SX 90 & EX 90

Can anyone explain the differences between the Keilwerth SX90 AND EX90? Also do they both have the rolled tone holes? Thickne…

2 months ago
by ksc (3 posts)

Tooth guard falls off.

Ok so if basically i got a new berg larsen metal mouthpiece blah blah blah. Ive had it for a month and uh the ebonite toot…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

Should my mouthpiece look like this?

 i got a berg larsen metal mouthpiece for my bari and i was wondering if it's suppose to look like this.  I link…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

Protec Pro Pac Case vs. Xinlinke Case Soft Sax Gig Bag

So, both cases look great. Both have great reviews. I just need a new case that's easy to carry and is duriable, because I…

3 months ago
by ocayitscailyn

Berg Larsen stainless steel MP squeaking on high notes.

Hi, I just recently bought a berg Larsen 110/0 for my bari. I play in jazz at my high school and wanted a new mouthpiece.…

4 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

What Brand and Sax should I buy/look at buying?

Hi, so I've been playing the tenor saxophone since the summer of 5th grade and I'm now in my Sophomore year of highschool.…

4 months ago
by Dbenson

Brilhart Level Air Tenor MPC - what reed?

I recently bought a 60s vintage tenor sax.  Someone in the family who sold it played alto and there are som…

4 months ago
by svCompassRose

Chipping Bari Reeds over and over

Hi, this is my first post on this forum or any forum. and its because im desperate. I played bari for 2 years in middle sc…

5 months ago
by mijderf (234 posts)

Center Weight for Alto Saxophone by Meridian

Has anyone used one of these?

I'd like to know what results you get.

5 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

Help a simple musician

Dear colleagues, I ask for help! I really want to, but I can not afford to buy a good mouthpiece for my tenor. I want an o…

6 months ago
by Lev

Metal mouthpiece?

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this! I’m curently heading into my senior year of high school and h…

6 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

Jody Jazz Giant VS Gottsu Hibiki

I am new to this forum and to sax in general. I am starting with tenor and my teacher has offered me to buy a…

6 months ago
by neonlee (8 posts)

Bari mouthpiece

Hi! Right Now I'm in the market for a new Bari mouthpiece. I've been playing an Otto Link 6 star (hard rubber) for around…

6 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

AMT Q7-TA6 Multipurpose Wireless Microphone System, any reviews??

Hello Im new here im looking for a good wireless mic for the bari sax, for shows and performance, i was just wondering if…

7 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

Information on saxophones to sell


My son played in high school and college but we have three saxes that need to find a new home.  I just ha…

9 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

Eastman 52nd Street Alto EAS652RL

I was looking for a backup sax for my '65 Buescher 400. I tried a vintage Buescher True Tone from 1930 but the keywork fel…

10 months ago
by GFC (794 posts)

How to identify a Meyer mouthpiece

Hi all,

I picked up my alto sax recently to continue learning, not having played for about 10 years. In about…

11 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

Looking for Microphone Transmitter Pouch

I'm looking for a pouch that can hold my Sennheiser transmitter to the bell of my saxophone, so that I don't nee…

11 months ago
by samchipman

Richie Cannata's Mouthpiece?

Hey, I was wondering if anybody on here knew offhand the type of mouthpiece Richie Cannata uses on his tenor? In case you don…

11 months ago
by rogerb416 (1 post)

For Sale Bam alto cabine and Soprano at 400 dollars


I sell these new cases never used 400  dollars both bam cabins and traking for alto and soprano

12 months ago
by Dieghetto82

Need Help getting my old mouthpiece

Hello!!! This is almost unbelieveable.After SELLING my father's Buescher Big "B"about 5 years ago,I always regretted that…

12 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (451 posts)

Rovner Deep V Alto Mouthpiece

Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and have a question that I'm having a hard time finding an answer to.
A number of…

1 year ago
by mijderf (234 posts)

Trouble with Tone? (Trying to get a darker sound)

So, my issue is that I've been told I have a "way to bright tone" for concert band, keep in mind I'm in both jazz band and…

1 year ago
by mijderf (234 posts)

What mouthpiece?

Hi i was wondering what mouthpiece this saxophone player uses. I found him on Youtube and while i dont listen to the music…

1 year ago
by axelbystrom
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