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What mouthpiece?

Hi everyone, I'm looking for suggestions on a bari sax mouthpiece that would offer a more smooth and deep tone, (not somet…

1 week ago
by AlexEik

Inscribed mark Vi

Hi everyone, 

i bought the saxophone selmer mark Vi yesterda, but there is no inscribed the word " mark Vi…

4 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Sopran mouthpiece

Hello !

I play soprano sax, with a yanagisawa rubber mouthpiece (8) and Vandooren reed 2,5. I like the tone of…

4 weeks ago
by abou

Setup for warm, deep lush sound.

What setup would you put together to get a warm, deep and lush sound with a Buescher alto True tone horn from the 1920s? T…

2 months ago
by Air (2 posts)

Tenney Jazzmaster Mouthpieces

When did Paul Tenney make the jazzmaster mouthpiece and where was his shop?

I play mostly 1940s Tonemasters and ha…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Black Bamboo Reed

Hello Everyone,

I have been using synthetic reeds and I like 'em.  There is a newer synthetic reed by Fore…

2 months ago
by tempomaster

Otto Link Millenium

I have been shown an in-the-box as new Otto Link Millenium tenor mpc. Any idea what they are worth?

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Looking for feedback on Otto Link Throw Back Models

I play, on Tenor, a 1942 Tonemaster, opened up to an 8 (110) by Ralph Morgan by the original owner, who was a friend of hi…

3 months ago
by JonHuff (111 posts)


Dear All,

I have been playing tenor sax (prelude conn selmer) for 2 years. I dont know if I need to change the mou…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Having trouble fitting neck into case

Hey, I'm a newish saxophone student and for Christmas my dad got me a new replacement case for an old torn up one that hou…

4 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Altissimo friendlly tenor

Hi. Just wondering if anyone could advise me on a tenor to buy that's altissimo friendly? I've wasted thousands on a coupl…

4 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Opinions on D'Addario Select Jazz Mouthpieces?

I've been searching for another mouthpiece for my tenor sax and I've heard some talk about the D'Addario mouthpieces. Anyo…

5 months ago
by mijderf (277 posts)

Mark VI Alto mouthpiece options

Hi everyone! I'm a lapsed sax player hoping to get back into the action and I'm looking for suggestions for a new mouthpie…

7 months ago
by mijderf (277 posts)

SaxSeat - A Smart New Saxophone Seat

Hello all sax players!

My name's George and I want to take a second to introduce you to something new to the saxop…

8 months ago
by georgeefesop

Saxophone PPE?

I am a college music eduation student, just wondering what other people may or may not be doing for protective equipment w…

8 months ago
by mijderf (277 posts)

Steve Broadus Mouthpieces

Which came first, the Perfected Model Steve Broadus signature mouthpieces or

the SB Diamond New York/Paris model?<…

8 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Conn Pan American Eagle On Globe 1932

Please see pics of the neck and explain what the slider is called, what it does and why have I never seen one before? …

9 months ago
by mijderf (277 posts)

Replacement thumb hook to stop soreness

I've played tenor since 5th grade but I've recently picked up the bari for marching band. Last year, my thumb ached for th…

10 months ago
by indigo (2 posts)
10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer


Hi there,

I need some help from somebody. I have been playing the alto sax since October 2019 (quie a beginner)…

11 months ago
by Briffant

Need a good case

I recently aquired a 1957 Conn model M Shooting Stars Alto with the orgional case. Unfortunataly the case is worn out and…

1 year ago
by mijderf (277 posts)

1942 Otto Link Tone Master Ligature Options

I recently picked up a 1942 Otto Link Tone Master Tenor mouthpiece.

The piece is an original six (6) facing and ha…

1 year ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Otto Link problem

Hi everybody,

I'm new on the forum. I tried the search tool and couldn't find a topic that really helps me. So the…

1 year ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (579 posts)

Rudy Wiedoeft

Does anyone have sheet music in valse manzanetta will pay.

1 year ago
by warner30

Identify My Conn Alto Sax

Hello, I have found my Conn's serial number which is N33952. This means it was manufactured in 1970. Despite this I can't…

1 year ago
by Hexstly
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