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Bari mouthpiece

Hi! Right Now I'm in the market for a new Bari mouthpiece. I've been playing an Otto Link 6 star (hard rubber) for around…

2 days ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (364 posts)

AMT Q7-TA6 Multipurpose Wireless Microphone System, any reviews??

Hello Im new here im looking for a good wireless mic for the bari sax, for shows and performance, i was just wondering if…

3 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (364 posts)

Jody Jazz Giant VS Gottsu Hibiki

I am new to this forum and to sax in general. I am starting with tenor and my teacher has offered me to buy a…

2 months ago
by Shuahl (2 posts)

Information on saxophones to sell


My son played in high school and college but we have three saxes that need to find a new home.  I just ha…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (364 posts)

Eastman 52nd Street Alto EAS652RL

I was looking for a backup sax for my '65 Buescher 400. I tried a vintage Buescher True Tone from 1930 but the keywork fel…

3 months ago
by GFC (792 posts)

How to identify a Meyer mouthpiece

Hi all,

I picked up my alto sax recently to continue learning, not having played for about 10 years. In about…

4 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (364 posts)

Looking for Microphone Transmitter Pouch

I'm looking for a pouch that can hold my Sennheiser transmitter to the bell of my saxophone, so that I don't nee…

4 months ago
by samchipman

Richie Cannata's Mouthpiece?

Hey, I was wondering if anybody on here knew offhand the type of mouthpiece Richie Cannata uses on his tenor? In case you don…

5 months ago
by rogerb416 (1 post)

For Sale Bam alto cabine and Soprano at 400 dollars


I sell these new cases never used 400  dollars both bam cabins and traking for alto and soprano

5 months ago
by Dieghetto82

Need Help getting my old mouthpiece

Hello!!! This is almost unbelieveable.After SELLING my father's Buescher Big "B"about 5 years ago,I always regretted that…

6 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (364 posts)

Rovner Deep V Alto Mouthpiece

Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and have a question that I'm having a hard time finding an answer to.
A number of…

6 months ago
by mijderf (209 posts)

Trouble with Tone? (Trying to get a darker sound)

So, my issue is that I've been told I have a "way to bright tone" for concert band, keep in mind I'm in both jazz band and…

7 months ago
by mijderf (209 posts)

What mouthpiece?

Hi i was wondering what mouthpiece this saxophone player uses. I found him on Youtube and while i dont listen to the music…

8 months ago
by axelbystrom

Selmer goes Taiwanese...

Does any one know when Selmer began using Taiwanese parts? And specifically which parts are now Taiwanese (e.g. in the Ref…

8 months ago
by GFC (792 posts)

Anything about it

I have a olds saxophone Olds NA62M can anyone tell me a about it?

8 months ago
by GFC (792 posts)

Selmer La Voix II case

Four years ago, in freshman year of high school, Ibought a Selmer La Voix II. The sax came With a soft legged case that cl…

9 months ago
by The_Gub (2 posts)

Tonal Issue

I have a small issue with which I need to make a decision. Currently, my saxophone plays a semitone down from the ideal to…

9 months ago
by Saxquest (419 posts)

Mouthpiece recommendations.

Hello.  I am looking into getting another mouthpiece for my tenor sax and here is what I'm looking for.  I've pl…

9 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (364 posts)

How to Pick a Saxophone

I am a sophomore in High School and I play tenor. I've only been playing for half a year, but I'm completely invested and…

10 months ago
by archcherub (8 posts)

Tenor sax hard flight case

Hi everyone! I've been looking recently for a proper hard flight case for my tenor sax, so I could put it straight with th…

11 months ago
by Chuprygin (3 posts)

Key Leaves fixed the sticky key pads on my saxophone.

Sticking keys (especially the G#) were a huge problem for me. Key Leaves is a family company that has come up with a solut…

12 months ago
by mgictwnger (40 posts)

Smelly mouthpiece

I recently purchased a Martin Bari and it came with a Selmer C mouthpiece. The dude that played it before must have really en…

12 months ago
by Camaro Auto Mechanic (1 post)

Sale on Phil Barone Altos

Classic altos, 10% off.  You can see them here:…

12 months ago

Keilwerth horns are they made 100% in Germany?

Hi again. Had to ask. Saw a video done on YouTube by a company spokesman for Keilwerth...mentioned that "...saxophones in…

1 year ago
by agc8 (16 posts)

Otto Link pitch issues

Hi, I'm new here and I'm hoping someone may be able to help me.
I have a Yamaha YTS 62 111 tenor sax and it ALWAYS pl…

1 year ago
by bigkev53 (6 posts)
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