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Hard rubber discoloration

I have a Selmer hard rubber mpc for my sop that is less than 3 years old, but has turned that lubberly milk chocolate color.…

4 years ago
by bcu (8 posts)


Which ligatures do you all use? I am a classical sax player using a vandoren optimum ligature. This is sort of a poll to h…

4 years ago
by RavenSax (4 posts)

3D printing mouthpieces

no replies by Maxime Carron (2 posts) 4 years ago

4 years ago
by Maxime Carron

Brilhart Level Air bite plate

I want a new bite plate for my alto and my tenor Brilhart Level Air mouthpieces.  Does anyone know where I could find…

4 years ago
by mijderf (280 posts)

Vandoren mouthpieces

Tip opening and facing length specs for Vandoren V5 alto A20 and A25 mouthpieces appear to be the same.  What's the d…

4 years ago
by bjroosevelt (47 posts)

Vandoren Java reed id help please

I order a card of 4 Jazz Vandoren reeds,
There are two Javas;one green [unfiled]
and one red [filed]
I can`…

4 years ago
by bjroosevelt (47 posts)

Tenor Saxophone Upgrade

Previously, I started a forum on the best way to try different saxes and how I should go about upgrading to a pro model in…

4 years ago
by GFC (840 posts)

Dukoff Tenor H8

Anyone have a used dukoff h8? I've seen alot of D8's but I never see anyone mention a
H8 mine is getting pretty well…

4 years ago
by mijderf (280 posts)

Vandoren reed

I started playing 2 months ago - new to this stuff, so I was wondering if you can help me out.
I ra…

4 years ago
by onetimevisitor (2 posts)

Getting a Completely New Set-Up

I'm looking at getting a new saxophone and accessories. I want to get:

  • Sax Dakota SDT-1200 SS Tenor Saxopho…

4 years ago
by Mitch Sugginer (2 posts)

New Saxophone Set-Up

I'm looking at getting a new professional saxophone set up with the following pieces:

- P. Mauriat PMST-500BXSK…

4 years ago
by GFC (840 posts)

Buying an Alto Sax

Hi, I'm a high school senior going into my first year in college. I am majoring in Music Education, and music performance.…

4 years ago
by mijderf (280 posts)

Availability of Rivertone Alto Sax in India


Can anyone let me know, where can I get Rivertone Alto Sax in India. There are few sites which shows it is ava…

4 years ago
by ayupadhyay

Remli Mouthpiece

I have come across an old mouthpiece that came of a 1953 Selmer Paris SBA Tenor Sax.

Remli is engraved in cursi…

4 years ago
by bjroosevelt

Mark VII Mouthpiece Recommendation Request

I just picked up a 1976 Selmer Paris Mark VII as an upgrade from my student horn.  I am an intermediate player.  …

4 years ago
by mijderf (280 posts)


Just want to check, a RICO -H Ligature will fit a Vandoren AL3 Mouthpiece on Alto Sax right?

4 years ago
by gw111

JAZZLAB saXholder Saxophone Harness

I was wonderding if anybody has had any expirence with the JAZZLAB saXholder Saxophone Harness. I really like the concept…

4 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)


Hi, I play on a Yamaha CustomEX, Claude Lakey 4*3, and vandoren optimum lig. I recently started jazz and I was wondering if…

4 years ago
by alexd4life (1 post)

Recommended Reed Brands?

I have read Jim's list on recommended brands to look for 6 replies by katel70 (1 post) 11 years ago

4 years ago
by Cornish Pasty (1 post)


i have been working on my tone in the altisimo range and wondering if anone has any thoughts on mouthpiece and reeds that…

4 years ago
by tempomaster (36 posts)

What reed for vandoren v-16 t-7

I play the tenor and have a V-16 t-7 vandoren mouthpiece. What are some good reeds to try? I play jazz and am trying for a…

4 years ago
by Tenor1224 (6 posts)

Selmer Glass Reed Case

Is there something that is equivalent to the old selmer glass reed cases with the glass plate that you set the reeds on an…

4 years ago
by npyles

Reed strength between cane and synthetic

I am in the position of needing to get some synthetic reeds fast to play a gig.  However, I  have only used cane…

4 years ago
by wwplyr01

plastic cover rico reeds..

Offering advice,

I've used a multitude of brands, when you get a good Cane Reed, that is usually the best or else,…

4 years ago

Questions about a 1937 Holton 213 Revelation tenor saxophone

I am looking at a used (obviosuly ;) ) 1937 Holton 213 Revelation tenor saxophone right now. Actually looking at the…

5 years ago
by mijderf (280 posts)
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