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First Time in the Sax Forum

    Hello. My name is Roy. Long time musician, first time sax.
Just got a quick couple of questions. Got a…

1 week ago
by Tinuminu1601 (0 posts)

Hello from Australia Karen and Greg C.G .CONN 1914 saxophone

Hi there to all the knowledge members here on this site group chat my wife and I are not saxophone players and don’t…

1 month ago
by woodwindlover (1 post)

G'day from Tony!

Hi all at

I'm Tony and live in Sydney, Australia. I'm getting back to playing music after quite a br…

2 months ago
by mijderf (213 posts)

Hi Everyone

Hey everyone, I’m new to this website. I play in 2 classic big bands. I’m looking for a new metal mouthpiece,…

2 months ago
by mijderf (213 posts)

Hard Rubber Mouthpiece Restoration

Hello.  My name is Mark Hoover.  I have spent the last 8 years or so working on products that are made specifica…

3 months ago
by mijderf (213 posts)

Playing again after 30 years.


Hello forum,


First let me thank the mods for their quick response to my problems sig…

5 months ago
by Ranandar

A very elusive piece

Hi. i am on this forum for a very selfish reason. My partner is actually the sax player and we have been hunting high and…

5 months ago
by Benlawyers

Hello from Oxford, GA

Hello.  I'm a guitarist from Oxford, GA (not far outside of Atlanta).  In addition to playing guitar, I also run…

6 months ago
by drjordan

Hello from France

Hello, i am playing sax since last year but almost everyday... I play Soprano, alto, ténor and Baryton... and only…

6 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (382 posts)


Hello newb here .was just handed down this sax from my father .do don know much about it. If anyone could help it would be…

6 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (382 posts)

Introducing myself

Hello Everyone, 
I am Sandy, I live in the UK and just joined this site.

I play the alto and Tenor S…

7 months ago
by Saxophonelady


Started playing the sax in 5th grade and was okay. However, life took over and I got away from playing until my son starte…

8 months ago
by Nirved05 (0 posts)

Sticky Pads

Hello Everyone,  I live in Panama and we are limited as to what brand of sax we can purchase here.  I haven't pl…

8 months ago
by rurusax (4 posts)

new saxophone player, learning the alto now

hi new to saxophone,

learning now, hopefully i will be able to learn Jingle bell by Xmas (yes this is the first so…

8 months ago
by funnyjokes (0 posts)


My name is Steve. I am a lover of all things sax! I hope to learn from everyone and to have something to contribute.

10 months ago
by myalto

Hello everyone

I am going to return to playing the Sax as a neighbor me a LaMonte that her deceased husband played. I have to take it apa…

10 months ago
by quitude07 (0 posts)


Hi, my name is David.

I've been playing the alto for about 22 years. I've always loved it.

I love th…

11 months ago
by myramenneighbor (2 posts)

Hello all

Hello all,

As an amateur trumpet player, I might be a bit out of place.
But as a dad who's oldest son is sta…

1 year ago
by trumpetdad


Hello members, 

My name is Adam. I am currently a graduate student who is completing a Maste…

1 year ago
by Sara05 (0 posts)


My name is Charlie, I am new here, I have recently started back up on the alto sax after about 35 years after I walked awa…

1 year ago
by feguy1


Hi.  I'm Jim Crutchfield.  I live in Long Island City, Queens, NYC, and I've been taking sax lessons for about a…

1 year ago
by jdcrutch

Sax player dad ^^


I'm french bass player, and dad of teen sax player
He's learnin sax since 5 years now and love to play…

1 year ago
by RobertD (62 posts)

New Member

I am going to return to playing the Sax as a neighbor me a LaMonte that her deceased husband played. I have to take it apa…

1 year ago
by arnoldzippo

Extremely New Player

Hi, I'm Matt, and I want to learn to play the saxophone, so I thought to research as many resources as I could.

1 year ago
by RobertD (62 posts)

Sax Covers

Hey there!!! I'm new here!! I love this site! I would love to share my music with all of you! I'm doing sax covers every w…

1 year ago
by Mr Esteban Sax
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