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My Conn Alto

I need some help identifying my seems to be a common shooting stars but its not, first it is exceptionally heavy…

7 years ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

Just Joined

Hell Folks,
              Just joined this excellent site, had'nt known of its exi…

7 years ago
by xjscharlie

New on this site

Hello, so many years beeing a cybersax addict and only these days I discovered this ... incredible site !!

My name…

7 years ago
by Marcel1 (2 posts)


 I am an ex saxophone playe living in France who has joined the forum to ask for some advice about my instrumen…

7 years ago
by jambop

Pretty cool site, glad to have found it.

Hey guys,
Glad to have found your website :) I could use some help: I just registered and was trying to edit my profi…

7 years ago
by barisaxalpha (9 posts)

Mouthpiece reed info needed?

I just picked up an old tenor saxophone that came with a #3 Goldentone mouthpiece. I had seen in another post it is made b…

7 years ago
by JonHuff (117 posts)


Is there anyway to stop the hackers from continueing to ruin this my favorite site?

7 years ago
by kelsey

Brand New Sax Enthusiast

Hi everyone! I'm a new saxophone enthusiast. Just this past week I've listened to Ornette Coleman's: The Shape of Jazz to…

7 years ago
by NewSaxCity (4 posts)

CG. Conn Alto Sax year and worth?

My father just passed and I found his old Sax I was wondering if someone could tell me what year it is and its worth? It i…

7 years ago
by JonHuff (117 posts)


Good evening to you all. I'm so happy to be à part of&n…

7 years ago
by Dagoba (2 posts)


 I've just bought a cheap beginners alto sax. 
I had lessons about 12 years ago, but sold the s…

7 years ago
by Saxlover70 (14 posts)


Well after being a typical millennial spending my free time glued to a screen playing some dumb video game I decided to do…

7 years ago
by Saxlover70 (14 posts)


I've played the sax since 1968.  I took lessons pretty consistantly through college and recently started up again on…

7 years ago
by djoksch


Hello everyone....I'm logging in as a member for the first time...just wanted to say hello..I'm a Tenor player that has ju…

7 years ago
by CHiTownD

Peace, Love & Saxophone

My name is Johnson Seun, from Lagos - Nigeria,  an Alto Saxophonist, A beginner with 1 year playing experience in Chu…

7 years ago
by sellfifa (0 posts)

My name is Lucas :)

Hi! My name is Lucas Skarpness, and I started playing the saxophone the summer before 6th grade. Now I'm in 7th grade and…

7 years ago
by chonchon (0 posts)

New member

My name is Phil and I just joined the group. I have played sax off and on since the mid 60's.

8 years ago
by DanielHarris (0 posts)

Fan of sax

I'm fan of saxophone, i'm first guitar player, but sax is  a perfect sound to.
From Paris 

8 years ago
by michmichels

New to the site

New to the site. Been playing since the 7th grade off and on, more off than on. Just play for my own enjoyment. Not very g…

8 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

New to

Hi! My name is Trevor and Ive been playing my alto since 2013. Im new here and just thought Id say hi!

8 years ago
by trevor_sims (5 posts)

Just saying hello.

I'm not a sax player but I love hearing the sax more than any other insrument. I'm a singer and I play guitar a bit (mostl…

8 years ago
by mastermonster

New Member

Hello, my name is Ron and I am addicted to the saxophone. I started in the fifth grade, but my parents couldn't afford les…

8 years ago
by RonnieK

Up date

I would like to say a big hello to all as I do want to engage in some good Saxophone conversation as well as get caught up…

8 years ago
by HappySax (23 posts)


My name is Christophe, I live in Toulouse France . I'm very happy to be part of this community. I'm playing mainl…

8 years ago
by barvador

Hi there!

Hello, I'm new to this forum, and new to playing the saxophone, I'll hang around here, probably mostly in the shadows thou…

8 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)
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