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Can embouchure correct structural squeak?

Iam a self learning beginner . I have an old and cheapest kind of saxophone(China made around200US dollar 10 years ago) an…

3 days ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (470 posts)

Beginner Tenor/Alto

1 replies by baiselmareo6 (1 post) 1 week ago

5 days ago
by mijderf (240 posts)

How difficult is the saxophone?

1 replies by giselegadot3 (1 post) 2 weeks ago

1 week ago
by giselegadot3 (1 post)

Saxophone Middle D

I play a 1939 Holton Collegiate alto saxophone. I have been practicing tuning a lot, and I have heard that it is good to k…

2 weeks ago
by mijderf (240 posts)

Elkhart sax wanting to know more about it !!

Hi there,

I used to play this saxaphone and wanted to find out a bit more about it .....I wonder hold old it is, i…

2 weeks ago
by Belange1r (0 posts)

Sight-reading app for Android

Notation Trainer is an Android app that generates sight-reading exercises for any clef, key, etc. Handy for keeping exerci…

3 weeks ago
by Furry2 (0 posts)

Tex Beneke Horn and Setup

I saw an old Glenn Miller movie entitled "Orchestra Wives" made in 1942. Tex Beneke had a big, smooth sound when he played. I…

3 weeks ago
by MysteriousStitches (0 posts)

Materials for Teaching

So I am a high school student who is about to start teaching someone to play sax. I wanted to know if there are any books…

4 weeks ago
by Wagne1r (0 posts)

Aebersold Summer Sessions

Has anyone gone to Aebersold's summer camp? If you're a relative beginner, any thoughts? Would it be suitable?

4 weeks ago
by KristiMorris (0 posts)

Quit sax?

I've been learnng sax for 6 years. I've been practicing melodies, patterns, songs, scales, etc and recently saw a video on…

4 weeks ago
by JonHuff (86 posts)

Budget (max. 650 Euro) alto sax for a beginner

Hi everyone! My wife got obsessed by an idea of learning to play sax and myself being a multiinstrumentalist, I got excite…

1 month ago
by timurator (2 posts)

Budget tenor (Buffet vs Keilwerth vs Sequoia)

no replies by MaGushoff (1 post) 1 month ago

1 month ago
by Lester1114 (0 posts)

YAS 855 Custom Alto Saxaphone

Hi All

I have a YAS 855 Custom Alto Saxaphone which I've had for about 17 years. It has barely been played and…

1 month ago
by Morga11n (0 posts)

Double lip embouchure?


1 month ago
by czhtra (1 post)

Looking for a Brass musician for a feature film in St. Louis

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a brass musician for a feature film being shot in St. Louis in March/April 202…

1 month ago
by RebeccaMiller0521

Identifying a saxophone model

Hi there,

first post! I need some help identifying this saxophone.. It's an Alto Elkhart Deluxe, pictures attac…

1 month ago
by Rossonsaxophone

Mold in sax neck?


Ive just started playing the sax a few days ago. The saxophone is brand new, and Ive barely played…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (470 posts)

Oleg Sax??????

Has ANYONE played one of these horns? Reviews? ANYONE?

2 months ago
by mishack14 (1 post)

Help. What is the brand of this saxophone?

Good evening. I would like help identifying the brand of this saxophone. The only thing I know is that it's made in france…

2 months ago
by vries1 (2 posts)

Chateau Saxohpone

Hello Peeps !

i am Dickson and i am totally new to saxophone .. i tried to google about saxophone but its more…

2 months ago
by derekpittx (0 posts)



2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

my Alto Sax plays half step flat

When I play notes on my new (used) alto saxophone, they are a half step flat. So when I blow into it without covering any hol…

2 months ago
by NS-D (1 post)

Recommendations for Alto

Hello, started playing sax in 4th grade. fieat year on alto and year after switched to tenor and played tenor through High…

2 months ago
by shaun_p

Can't hit the first overtone from low A on bari

Hey guys…

3 months ago
by chinachin (0 posts)

Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns: Yusef Lateef

Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns: Yusef Lateef

I just got this for Christmas and I think it's one of the…

3 months ago
by RobertD
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