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Identifying a Vintage Conn

My Grandfather left me this saxaphone when he passed away. I have played it for years not knowing what it is beyond the fa…

19 hours ago
by jackyjoy123 (1 post)


I have a Buffet Crampon Alto sax with Vintage Lacquer . The Serial number is BC - 730031, I would request our frie…

1 day ago
by GFC (811 posts)

Unison any good?

I'm looking to buy a tenor and a Unison was recommended to me. Are Unison horns any good?

2 days ago
by singhudit61 (1 post)

1915 Beuscher low pitch sax #151958

This was my grandfather's and I want to either sell it,donate it or hang it. Unlaquered, needs polish,new pads and lubes-…

5 days ago
by GFC (811 posts)

JodyJazz Power Ring ?.


I want to try a JodyJazz Power Ring but I want to know if anyone has tried one on a mouthpiece other tha…

5 days ago
by GFC (811 posts)

Age of Yanagisawa T992UL

Hi. I have the chance to buy a Yanagisawa T992UL in bronze and I have a couple of questions.
It appears to be quite o…

5 days ago
by GFC (811 posts)

Jazz Baritone Saxophone For New Band

We have only 1 sax in our band and it is a bari.
Paid rehearsals and more!
Central Texas.
Please d.m. for m…

1 week ago
by ChanningKirk

Numb lower lip after 24 hours

I was earlier a saxophone student and played everyday, but havent done it alot these last years because I change…

1 week ago
by GFC (811 posts)

mouthpiece placement issue ?.


I got a question about mouthpiece placement. I've been having issues with this for 

2 weeks ago
by RyanCannonball (43 posts)

C melody pads?

1 replies by jadenfrancis (1 post) 1 year ago

3 weeks ago
by breakfasthours (0 posts)

want to value a tenor saxophone

I have acquired a tenor saxophone and would like to know the value of it. 
It is a Conn Saxophone. It looks a bi…

3 weeks ago
by jazz_beau (3 posts)

Cool sight-reading app

no replies by pgabardo (1 post) 3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
by pgabardo

Sax Teacher Recommendations in Boulder Colorado

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a saxophone teacher for my 12 year old daughter in Boulder Colorado.
Any rec…

4 weeks ago
by Saxomafone5 (1 post)

2nd Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy

Introducing the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2015!!! It will be held on 14-18 June 2015 in Kasats…

1 month ago
by rexdaret (0 posts)

Best online Sax learning


What's are the best online saophone learning?
Thanks in advance!

1 month ago
by GFC (811 posts)

Online tool to help learn and practice fingerings and scales

I’ve developed a software teaching and practice aide for the saxophone which will run in a browser…

1 month ago
by GarfieldCatUK

Louis & Cal's Ultimate Big Band Toolkit - Sax Edition

Hi Guys,

Louis and Cal here, and we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce our latest project - the Ultimate Bi…

1 month ago
by Louis& Cal's UBBT


We bought a used sax for our 10 yr son to save on rentals. It's a Yamaha YAS-21.  Our son says its harder to play tha…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (564 posts)

Question, Yanagisawa A8833 Model?

I have owned this saxophone for many years. I currently own two. An old Conn "naked lady" model, and then my Yanagisawa 8833.…

2 months ago
by Charlie Sax (2 posts)

E problems.

Hello, I am facing a problem with my alto saxophone. I cannot play E. Whenever I try, I always make a squeaking noise. I t…

2 months ago
by JonHuff (111 posts)

Selmer Mark VII vs Mark VI


I presently have a Alto Selmer Mark VII and was curious if someone could tell me the main…

2 months ago
by mgictwnger (45 posts)

Help identifying Conn sax

Hi. I bought this used alto sax for my son. I know nothing about the instrument(violin and piano player). It needs re-padd…

2 months ago
by JonHuff (111 posts)

Diamond saxophone


does anyone know about this brand of saxophone?

it looks really good but i am a beginner so i don't kno…

3 months ago
by Alexbancas (4 posts)

mouthpiece placement issue

Hey saxophone world,

I got a question about mouthpiece placement. I've been having issues with this for 

4 months ago
by altocbrute (9 posts)

King Tenor Super21

Hi Everyone - Thank you for accepting me to the group :) 

Im hoping someone could help me 

4 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (564 posts)
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