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I am an experienced player and would like to know how to "growl" the sax.  Any help, I would be greatful.Thanks

2 years ago
by dhanushx012 (0 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat vs. Yanagisawa

I have been out of the Sax game for a long time.  I was a good player back in the day and I want to pick up Tenor Sax…

2 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Yani t880

Hi guys!
I have a question. I'am going to buy Yani t880 and I found one announcement. The guy who's sellin…

2 years ago
by zagzawon

Selmer 80 Super Action S1 Soprano

So, anyone knows about the selmer soprano SA80? It is not the series 2, just super action. I am hardly to find out the inf…

2 years ago
by NeroCA

Saxophone performance

i am due to perform at a charity two tunes mid Oct, subject to social distancing of course, one is on a YouTube…

2 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Bandmaster saxophone identification


I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify this saxophone. It's written "Bandmaster" on the bell. I only…

2 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Octave B extremely flat, A self growling, etc

Hi everyone, after reading several posts for some time now i feel i need to explain my situation and see if i can get some…

2 years ago
by Hortencia (0 posts)


Hey, I purchased a saxophone on ebay that stated it was a Julius Keilworth, however there is no metion of that name on the…

2 years ago
by mijderf (282 posts)

Wurlitzer Tenor Sax

I have no clue what I have! I played many years ago and an old man gave me an old sax that he had for years. I've had this…

2 years ago
by Beverl1y (0 posts)

Learning at home

Hi All
I wonder if someone could give me some advice
Inhave started to learn sax and had a couple of lessons

2 years ago
by Easter (0 posts)

Can't hit the first overtone from low A on bari

Hey guys…

3 years ago
by jane123 (0 posts)

Mold in sax neck?


Ive just started playing the sax a few days ago. The saxophone is brand new, and Ive barely played…

3 years ago
by ComplexDino (0 posts)

Songs for busking with out backing

1 replies by Benjasaurus (1 post) 3 years ago

3 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

How to Sell Two Selmer Mark VI Saxophones?

I recently acquired two Selmer Mark VI saxophones, a 1958 tenor and a 1960 alto. Though I am a professional online vintage…

3 years ago
by Phip15ps (0 posts)

Antigua PRO-ONE Baritone Saxophone

What is everyones thoughts on the Antigua PRO-ONE Baritone Saxophone sold by!

3 years ago
by heup (1 post)

Dillon Music in New Jersey

Does anyone have any knowlwdge of Dillon Music in New Jersey?

I ran across an old friend who I have known since 19…

3 years ago
by sindani7777 (0 posts)

Vandoren A55 Blue Jumbo

Anyone have any experiance with a Vintage Vandoren A55 Blue Jumbo Alto mouthpiece ? been researching it, but haven't had t…

3 years ago
by AlienBison (1 post)

Buying help Jupiter YTS 700A, Yamaha 480, yts26 or Selma s400?

Hello all,

I need your advise deciding which of these Tenor Saxophones to buy for my son. Jupiter JTS700A $1,90…

3 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

backing track volume for outdoor gig/busking

Could anyone share some tips about audio setting of playing saxophone with a backing track outdoor/busking?


3 years ago
by Lsbgmail

What reeds should I buy?

Hi everyone :)

I've been playing clarinet for over 10 years now and have decided I want to learn how to play al…

3 years ago
by mgictwnger (45 posts)

Alto or Tenor

Hi! I am very new to saxophone, but really love the instrument. I have borrowed an alto for a couple of months, but do not…

3 years ago
by NoahMC

Can embouchure correct structural squeak?

Iam a self learning beginner . I have an old and cheapest kind of saxophone(China made around200US dollar 10 years ago) an…

3 years ago
by Finle1y (0 posts)

Info for Antigua Soprano Sax

I have an Antigua Soprano Sax I bought for my daughter a couple of years ago that she never plays. I want to find out any…

3 years ago
by DonaldSanchez (0 posts)

Quit sax?

I've been learnng sax for 6 years. I've been practicing melodies, patterns, songs, scales, etc and recently saw a video on…

3 years ago
by jDorian (1 post)

How old is my sax

Hi there,

I am new to this forum.

I was recently given a sax and I decided to start playing it. I'v…

3 years ago
by Jillda (4 posts)
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