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Identify my saxophone

I have an old Frank Holton saxophone that my father-in-law told us was a C Melody.  Engraved on the bell is:  Ma…

4 days ago
by JonHuff (100 posts)

My husband found a vintage saxophone on the side of the road

The saxophone is in its original case, it is a lyon & healy saxophone serial number T 15727 L. No one in our fami…

1 week ago
by furinkasan (5 posts)

Mark VI Soprano in C on ebay

There is a horn listed on ebay ($15,000) advertised as a Mark VI soprano in the key of C.

The seller, a french man…

1 week ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (542 posts)

Selmer Stencil?

Hi, first time poster here.

I recently purchased a vintage sax and was wondering if anyone can help with ID.

3 weeks ago
by Saxocacophony

Found timeless and vintage

Hi, I have recently acquired a very old looking saxophone and upon further investigation determined to most definitely be…

3 weeks ago
by Ceederdak

Conn Naked Lady Chu C melody Soprano Sax on eBay

Hello all.  I saw a very interesting sax on eBay a few days ago. The seller cancelled the auction because of strange…

3 weeks ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)
4 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (542 posts)

Do I have something good here?

Hello, I just got a hold of what I believe is a 1908 Frank Holton C Low Pitch Sax Serial# 5928. It clearl…

1 month ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (542 posts)

Nivello De Luxe


My friend is offering to sell this old Tenor Saxophone to me that no-one seems to know anything about. Now I r…

2 months ago
by CultureOfOne (4 posts)

Buescher True Tone

Hello!  New poster here.  I received a saxophone as a graduation gift back in 2013.  Lovely gesture, but be…

3 months ago
by ericaelle (2 posts)

Is my C G Conn Authentic?

I help run a store and repair shop in my hometown and a member of our staff just bought a C.G.Conn LTD USA Alto Saxophone…

3 months ago
by mijderf (269 posts)

Need help identifying Vintage Conn

My Conn was relaquered and I can't clearly see the 2nd digit of the serial numbers.

The serial number looks lik…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (542 posts)

Yanagisawa 8833

I have this vintage Sax. Rarely used. Would like to know what price I can get, if I sell it?? Is there a special market place…

4 months ago
by Gibson (0 posts)

Antique CG Conn Ltd Tenor Sax

Just received my late Grandfather's Tenor and I am looking for info; he purchased it 2nd(or 3rd) hand in the 1950's in Alb…

4 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (542 posts)

ARTIST Tenor Vintage Sax - who made it?

Hi, This is my first involvement in the discussion forum so I'd better introduce myself. Bob Taylor, played the sax for about…

4 months ago
by Veronica1929 (1 post)

Came in possession of a Noblet Model 88. Can anyone help?

I really don't know much about Saxophones. But I have aquired this Noblet Model 88 SN# 11007. "Made in Paris". The case it…

4 months ago
by Decaopik (2 posts)

Found a saxophone

I was cleaning the basement of my grandpa and I found an old vintage saxophone, alto saxophone.
Now, I don't know muc…

5 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (542 posts)

French Selmer Soprano Sax

Repairable? Any value?

5 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (542 posts)

Help finding model SN 715251 Bundy Selmer

I have a Bundy Selmer saxophone maed in U.S.A., that's all I can see engraved besides te serial number 715251. Can't find…

5 months ago
by Arthur123 (2 posts)

Ferdinando Roth What is this?

Hello all,

This just fell in my lap and I have 0 knowledge of what it is or what it may be worth. It needs a fu…

5 months ago
by JonHuff (100 posts)

What is this Saxophone?

Hi guys
I want buy a new saxophone from a guy 
He told me this is a handmade king vintage saxophone that it…

5 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (542 posts)

CONNsortia - a new website dedicated to Conn saxophone engraving

Hello all,
no replies by motteatoj (5 posts) 5 months ago

5 months ago
by motteatoj

Conn alto sax

Hi guys, anyone can tell which model is a Alto sax with the serial number "H01419"? 
I've found some cart online…

6 months ago
by opaulofranco (2 posts)

Selmer France 1974 Mark VI Alto

confirm that this is indeed and 1975 Mark VII and give me a rough value given the apparent condition? was my father's sax…

6 months ago
by tellmesomething2read (3 posts)

Re A. Rampone Alto Saxophone

Hi. I have an A. Rampone Quarna Novara Alto Saxophone with a serial number #12985 and  I was wondering if anyone coul…

6 months ago
by Elmocat
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