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by DarkMan
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16 years ago

Trying to figure out if new horn relacuered or not

I just bought a 1939 selmer balanced action tenor (28xxx), and I'm trying to figure out if it has been relacquered or not. It doesn't have the dark lacquer look that i've seen on a lot of VI's, and is, in fact, quite shiny and scratch free for a 60-some year old horn. The engraving seems to be well intact though. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. by swingstreet
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    16 years ago

    Re: Trying to figure out if new horn relacuered or not

    One indicator is the engraving. If it is not well defined it has been relaquered. However, you say it's intact, but is it well defined? Sometimes after a relaquer, some players may have the engraving redone to give it a sharp look. However that would be an expensive proposition. Also, look around the posts and keys, and you may see small spots that will not match the lacquer. How about the thumb hook? They usually show signs of wear even when the rest of the horn is in good shape. If there is no apparent wear there, it's either been relaquered or best case scenario, barely used and that's why it has stayed in good shape. Can you provide some close-up pics?

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