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by joonil1986
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16 years ago

Tenor Harrison Ligature

'lo all. It's come to the point that I'm actually selling it. It really hasn't been touched since its creation, I bought it, cleaned it, oiled it, and put it away. You'd probably have to break it in a little., Too good to be true? Well my selling price is steep, since I bought it myself for an unreasonable sum (please don't ask), but its still negotiable. If you want pictures, feel free to e-mail me. Oh yeah quick Description: Gold Harrison Ligature for Tenor saxophone hard rubber mouthpiece. Handmade by Harrison himself, not any of the imitators after his death. One tiny blemish on a brass screw handle, but nothing else. serial number too faded to read. Never ever been played on.

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  1. by joonil1986
    (11 posts)

    16 years ago

    Just a reminder from the seller

    I might consign the thing to saxquest. If I do, I'll post it and you can look for the thing on the site. Thanks

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