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by rubixs
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13 years ago

My teeth are crooked, Is it af

So I'm now a Sophomore in high

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  1. by saxophonist_104
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    13 years ago

    Re: My teeth are crooked, Is it affecting my playing?

    go see an orthodontist. I am a junior and been playing the alto since the 6 grade. I was able to play the next day after having my braces adjusted, but that's me. i was also comfortable playing with my retainer in when I had to wear it. i play a B7 during marching season and an A3 during concert season, so maybe a smaller facing on the mp would help as well. in the meantime, why are you worrying on valentine's day? shouldn't you be serenading your sweetheart?lol! peace out, saxes forever!

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  2. by Saxesofevil
    (24 posts)

    12 years ago

    Re: My teeth are crooked, Is it af

    It affects intonation, quality, and sound only! Go to an orthodontist, where they will either give you a retainer or put braces on, Saxes ftw!!!

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