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by golferguy675
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17 years ago

new vandoren jazz reeds

I just ordered some of the new Vandoren ZZ Jazz reeds. They haven't come in yet. I've been using the Javas which worked pretty well, and some different signature reeds. Has anyone tried these new ZZ reeds? I read a few reviews on them and they're supposed to be great. I know the Java reeds have a bigger heart to them, but what about these new ones?

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  1. by Hexaclon
    (90 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: new vandoren jazz reeds

    Hi, Dude, I bought a box..and I think i'l keep using them. They sound very big!! and have that perfect level of brightnes and darknes. And the best of all, is that all the reeds that came in the box where perfect!! It's not like the Javas or the V16, that you get 2 good reeds and 3 reeds that are only good for marching. lol All though I think ZZ run softer than V16. Hope I helped -Hex-

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