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by Pancakes
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17 years ago


I've just aquired a La Monte tenor saxophone, I don't know anything about it exept that its 35 years old and it's pretty banged up. It's a band-play sax because it comes with an aditional piece that you add to the sax so that you can read music on it. Does anybody know if this is a good saxophone brand? How about the sound? Anybody know the address for a La Monte oriented sax webpage?

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    1. by Cole
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      15 years ago


      I have a La Monte gold plated sax, stamped on the neck in real small letters Made in Choslovakia but know little about the this one except this is the one i like to play . out of the 10 other sax i own. Garage sale collector,

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  1. by clonestar
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    11 years ago


    I got a very very used La Monte tenor sax in 1962 when I was in the 7th grade. It was really ugly and I had to use rubber bands where springs were broken. Pads had a tendency to leak. During the summer, between 7th and 8th grade, it was completely reconditioned from top to bottom and re-laquered and I got a new case for it. It played beautifully with not a single problem for many years and it looked and worked like a brand new instrument. It had a shine that would put your eyes out. To this day, I recall the band instructor taking it and holding it up for everyone to see what could be done to make a used instrument look and work as good as new. I wish I had not sold it. It was easier to blow than a friend's Bundy and as good of a tonal quality as any other saxophone in the whole band.

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