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by JazzySaxx
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16 years ago

Old alto sax I got for free

I just recieved this old sax from one of my friends, his father is a sanitary engineer and discovered it sitting next to a garbage, going to be thrown out. The pads look okay and all the keys work, but I am not sure about what kind of sax it is or its value. It says M.J. Kalashen, New York on the front, but has a small engraving saying exchanged for new Buescher Elkhart, IND. On the back it has Low pitch, and License pat. Dec. 8, 1914 engraved with the serial number. Can anyone tell me about this sax and its history. It is in amazingly good shape.

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  1. by Spunky2sax75
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    16 years ago

    Re: Old alto sax I got for free

    I would be willing to bet that horn is an old Conn from the early 1900's. On every old Conn I've ever seen, it said PATD. Dec. 8, 1914. If you will copy exactly what is on the back of it where you found that, I can tell you more, so just say what is on the back and I'll be in touch.

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