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by Brede
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17 years ago

Sax in Punk.

Yes, absurd, yet amazing. I've been in that old punk mood, and upon discovering the X-Ray Specs, I was wondering. Would an Alto sound cool among the thrashing punk vintage sounds?? Alot of rock uses tenors, but things like Galactica and Carl Densosn Tiny Universe switch...

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  1. by Spunky2sax75
    (75 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: Sax in Punk.

    Well, I play sax in a Ska band and I find that tenor has a more fitting sound, but alto works just as well. I don't know much about saxes in punk, because I find it tougher to write parts that fit into heavier music. Its worth a try though, just experiment with both and see which one you like better, because its your decision.

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    1. by spottspidermunki
      (55 posts)

      17 years ago

      Re: Sax in Punk.

      it is very hard to write parts to punk. and u'll find urself playing the same parts in different keys, b/c thats basically what punk is, when it all boils down. if ur really, really creative, then it could possibly work. have fun, and best of luck Joel

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