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by krout0n
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16 years ago

vandoren v16s on alto problem

i dont know why i keep making the mistake of buying v16s for alto. by the way im using a morgan 7m mouthpiece and play jazz. I love v16s on tenor (i use 3.5s on either a hard rubber otto link 7* or a handmade wooden mouthpiece, also 7*, that a friend made for me). I'm able to get a really full, dark sound but i can also get it to wail if i push harder. The problem is with these v16 alto reeds. I bought some size 3s for alto (i usually use 3 javas) and they were much much too soft, and the opening between the mouthpiece and the reed was noticeably smaller than with the javas. Then I tried getting 3.5 v16s, and while i think they are a good strength, the tip of the reed wants to close up on me, im talking about a brand new reed here, not a old used one. Has anybody else noticed that for some reason the tip opening using v16s on alto is much smaller than that with other reeds? wtf?

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