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by justforfun
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17 years ago

Looking for selmer alto neck and opinions on them

Hi, I am looking for a selmer alto neck for my 137XXX Mark VI alto, preferably an older Mark VI neck, but balanced or super balanced might work, too. I would like to darken the sound of the horn a bit. Any opinions or recommendations on which neck I should get to get a dark sound? I once tried a silver laquered super balanced neck, and that was very bright. Ben

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  1. by golferguy675
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    17 years ago

    Re: Looking for selmer alto neck and opinions on them

    Yeah, silver saxes or necks are almost always going to be bright. I think the darkest is probably just a regular lacquer neck. There's people that say black necks are darker, but I think they just think that because of the color or something, because they've always seemed brighter to me. Also, look into an Oleg neck. They're not real cheap, but I'm guessing they're cheaper than a mark VI neck, which are a FORTUNE. The Oleg necks I think are around 300 or 400, I have one, but I can't remember what I payed for it. Oleg can make them darker if you want, and the response is phenominal. He makes them custom himself.

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