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by Oktav
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16 years ago

diffrence between Selmer Paris and New York

I own a selmer tenor serial Nbr 63XXX in silver. I was told its a MK VI but it has not the MARK VI stamped on and also the Engraving says Henry Selmer Paris and below than Selmer New York- Elkhardt London and the Sax has no engraving desig at all. Is it a real mark VI , are the Selmers fabricated in the USA in the same serial number sequence with the once build in France. ? the sound is great , intonation is a bit difficult to maintain in the lower and upper register. Any info to my questions are appreachiated thanks Oktav

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  1. by jromain
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    16 years ago

    Re: diffrence between Selmer Paris and New York

    Hi-- If it's 63K, then it was made in Paris. The NY-Elkhart-London just reflects their global distributorship at that time (late 1950s). Some early Mark VIs had Mark VI clearly engraved on the back of the body, above the left thumb rest, but later ones did not. However, most that I've seen are marked Mark VI on the bow-to-body brace. In any event, it's a Paris horn, and if it sounds great, you're in business! Experiment with different mouthpieces to correct intonation issues, perhaps a larger-chamber piece would help, especially with upper-register sharpness. If that doesn't do it, have an experienced repair technician check the key heights, and make sure the correct thickness of pad has been used on the horn. Regards- JIm

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