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by silversax440
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17 years ago

Where should I go to try new horns?

I'm looking to buy a professional grade alto... I live in Delaware and I already know that there isn't anywhere to go where I can try out various selmers including the new ref, Yamaha customs, Yanagasawa, and whatever other pro makes I'm leaving out. I got to school in Central PA and I was wondering if there is somewhere out there or somewhere in Philadelphia that I can go to try out new horns? Are their any good places out that way? or is it better to order something online and send it back if I don't care for it. I guess both ways have their pros and cons. So let me know what you guys think.

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  1. by barimachine
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    17 years ago

    Re: Where should I go to try new horns?

    hmm well seeing as how u live in delaware but go to central PA its not as bad a trip as others have traveling hours and hours... but in maryland Washington Music Center aka Chuck Levins the web site sucks but theres enuff info, you have to go upstairs for saxes the have the biggest supply if you know that you atleast want to buy something but not sure what, ask for ROGER hes a good man he has the horns you need, if you email them theyll give you a good price but its not what youll pay talk to him, hell give you deals that I garuntee cannot find anywhere else

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