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by tsaxy
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16 years ago


I made a deal with a Steve Pearson, Sanderville, GA for a straight across trade on a soprano mpc. posted here under mpc. trades. It is still listed. Maybe he is trading it over and over with others. I promptly sent my trade. He has yet to do so, despite many calls and e-mails. This all started on 7/6/04. He keeps telling me it is on the way, to trust him . I wrote it off a week ago. This is about a$80. to $100. loss. Thought I would pass this on. tsaxy, Tucson

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  1. by rhino
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    16 years ago


    I to have had a bad experience with Steve Pearson... I have a YAS875 for trade and he emailed me offering a: 1956 MARK 6!!!!!!!! In near PERFECT condition! Along with an YSS875 Custom and several valuable mouthpieces! After talking to him he represented himself as a man of God and assured us (me and my father) that this deal was meant to be. After emails and a phone call we offered to drive from NC all the way to GA just to make the trade. He didn’t want the deal to work like that and insisted that I send my saxophone to him and that "we would trade man to man" again reassuring that he was a man of God and we could trust him (he then said he needed my sax so he could be in a gospel band). Finally we settled on him meeting us in Columbia, SC this Saturday (tomorrow) and he has denied all of my emails and hasn’t called to schedule this meeting. He knew he had been caught so he didn’t bother to respond. Steve is obviously a pathetic person, using his charm and his alleged faith in God to take advantage of trusting people. He is a disgrace and has no business on this forum! BEWARE of this TRADER.

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