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by horseyladee
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16 years ago

New Student- Which Sax

Okay, I've been advised about The "new" cheap e-bay purchases but my 11 year old daughter(and myself) have taken to this new sax sound-we know nothing-haven't got the big bucks but want to do the right thing-whats a good starting sax that will give us some life and longevity and not be too hard on the single mother pocketbook thanks!

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  1. by karebear1012
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    16 years ago

    Re: New Student- Which Sax

    If you're just beginning the saxophone, and have never played one in your life, you shouldn't go out and buy them before trying them out. What if you hate the sax? One idea is to rent a sax from your nearest music store for like a month or so. This way, you can begin learning, and see if you really want to continue playing. If so, you can either keep renting the sax, or just buy what's at the store. Ask the person at the counter which saxophone he/she recommends, and make sure you try it out BEFORE buying it. If you can, bring along your daughter's music teacher, or someone who can play the sax. They'll help you out

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