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16 years ago

Saxual Experimentation

Anyone up for some cyber-sax? I'm looking for people with some basic recording capability - skill level is completely irrelevant. You don't have to have expensive software necessarily - just enough of a set-up on your computer to capture your playing into a mic. My thoughts are to distribute a basis for improvisation/development (think outside the jazz-box, please). This would be either a MIDI file or MS Word document (something relatively universal). What I'm looking for in return is your layer, your twist, your spin, etc. in .wav or .mp3 format. With multiple submissions, I could arrange the ideas accordingly and work with the virtual ensemble towards some finished piece. I can do the audio work and balance things out. Could be a complete disaster, could be really cool. But reading about saxophone isn't nearly as fulfilling as playing it, and I'd like to offer up to mediate some musical dialogue instead of wandering through the same old gear topics over and over again. I think the internet offers us a unique opportunity for networking and musical exploration that wasn't here (for most practical purposes) even 10 years ago. Any takers? E-mail me and tell me what you play. I'm primarily interested in keeping it to saxophones but am open to electronic or other sources that would add texture or provide a foundation.

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