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by mikjo
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16 years ago

Kingston saxophones ?

does anyone know anything about these saxes like, were they worth an overhaul, or aren't they a worthy cause, or if anyone knows of a website with info ... Thanks

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  1. by badenia
    (10 posts)

    4 years ago

    Re: Kingston saxophones ?

    I know this question is quite old, but here is  what I have:

    Kingston was a trademark of the Wurlitzer Company. It was registered in 1936 with a claim of first use in 1935.

    In terms of saxophones Cavalier alto & tenor models from the Pan American Band Instrument and case Co were stenciled with the Kingston brand starting in 1935. Sopranos were Pan American model stencils.

    In 1939 or 1940 Indiana Band Instrument Co, subsididary of Martin began stenicling for the Kingston brand. Based on instruments registered to date, Indiana took over and Pan American/Cavalier model stencils were discontinued.


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