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by Saxman2200
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16 years ago

Ultimate Ligature?

I am woring on my setup, and I heard good things about the Ultimate Ligature. I have a Metal New York "Super Tone Master" (otto link) and I don't know if it will fit because of the ridge along the top, and even if it does, will the different angle affect the way the reed is able to vibrate? Any info would be appreaciated

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  1. by Rben20
    (35 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: Ultimate Ligature?

    Well ultimate ligature gives you a bright sound so if your looking for that its a good choice. The vandoren optimum is a great ligature 3 plates 3 color of sounds. The oleg is also a great ligature but hey if you got the money enjoy all three worlds!

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