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by adamstang2005
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11 years ago

vintage cleanng and info please help!!!!!

ve a saxophone that says ind elkhart USA with serial number but no name anyone help! serial number is 4992. also whats the best way to clean it quickly and i belive its silver to! thanks

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  1. by MartinMods
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    11 years ago

    Re: vintage cleanng and info please help!!!!!

    can you post a link to some pictures?

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  2. by
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    10 years ago

    Re: vintage cleanng and info please help!!!!!

    Honestly there's no easy way to clean it. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE LIQUID POLISH ON AN ASSEMBLED HORN! You will surely get polish in places it's impossible to access, and there's an excellent chance some of the polish will get onto the steel pivot screws and rods...corrosion and unhappiness will surely result. The proper method is to remove all the keys. If you dip the body in a silver cleaning solution you'll need to remove all the springs...the solution will react with the steel and corrode the springs. You can hand polish the horn without dipping it, but even that's no easy task. You need to rip 1" strips of very soft cloth, apply the polish to the cloth, and run it back and forth around the posts and under the springs. Be prepared to be stuck by the springs at least 6-8 times before you're done! I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me directly with any additional questions:,

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