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by anthonypaul
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16 years ago

The art of Breathing

What kinds of methods or excercises do you do to develope your breathing technique? I have just come to realize that basically the breath is like the life force for wind instrumnents. I do some things out of the Teal book like breathing/walking-take two steps -take deep breath-hold-breath out for eight steps -rest-repeat. Improving breath control opens everything up I think.

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  1. by PsuSax
    (25 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: The art of Breathing

    try and find a good flute or low brass professor/pro in your area. They are amazing for teaching how to breathe because low brass instruments are huge and require great amounts of air and only half the air a flute player uses goes into their instrument. Both are very good at being very effecient with their use of air.

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    1. by selmer 4evr
      (309 posts)

      16 years ago

      Re: The art of Breathing

      I do not agree with PsuSax the pressure required for sax is way more than the flute . Sax is a cone and behaves very differently from a cylinder . I would suggest a study on how air behaves in a conical bore it will be most revealing and will explain why incredible pressure is the better way to go . the problem with the saxophone is that producing a sound is too easy.

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