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11 years ago

Don't have a clue!!!

I think the most valuable thing a musician can develop is to tell good from bad in their own playing as well as others. Last week a good friend of mine told me I should go listen to this alto player, who he said, "plays just like Cannonball". I went to hear the guy and turns out, he was just an average run of the mill sax player. In fact, he wasn't good at all. My friend is a good musician but a bad listener. Some people just don't have a clue.... I record all my gigs, listen to the results and make corrections for my next gig.

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  1. by Tylersjazz
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    11 years ago

    Re: Don't have a clue!!!

    Your right!! Its hard for u to get better if u cant hear your mistakes!! Ill sit in a room by myself and record myself playing my music!! And if i find something that i struggled on or missed ill go back and mark it so i cam fix it!!

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