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by Jango
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16 years ago

Keeping brass off the hands.

I just aquired a great Buescher 400 that has no finish on it. It has been played this way for quite some time by the former owner. I notice that whenever I play it, I wind up with the strong smell of brass on my hands, like you get from brass fireplace tools. Anybody have a suggestion? Would polishing it help? Its a great horn and plays superbly, I just don't like that raw brass smell. Thanks, Jango

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  1. by chiamac
    (586 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: Keeping brass off the hands.

    "Would polishing it help" let me try to find an example for this... oh I got one. when you buff a car does it create a new surface? No, it just shines up the paint. Also, you're brass prolly is polished already. It just has a lot of tarnsh on it. the only way you're going to get rid of that is by putting some laquer on it, or try taking johnsons wax and putting a coat over your horn. That "should" seal things up. but I haven't tried it or heard of anyone trying it.

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