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by Funkysax55
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10 years ago

Berg Larsen HR Tenor Mouthpiece Value?

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can tell me the approx value of a mouthpiece that I have. It is a vintage Berg Larsen 110/0 M Sig is not slanted, and reg. design is stamped on the top...I have seen many of what appear to be the same mouthpiece on Ebay selling for $300+...just wondering on the one I have...Thanks

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  1. by norm
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    8 years ago

    Re: Berg Larsen HR Tenor Mouthpiece Value?

    i have a berg larson to  it is 802  i think its quite rare ,,it does not have the cover though ,,made in london ..i wonder whet it is worth to .. if you look on theweb it can date it for you

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