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by richman11
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9 years ago

Help on Saxophone mouthpieces.

Let's start of by saying that I've been playing my Tenor Saxophone for 3 years now. Over these years I have been using the same mouthpiece that my Sax came with. Now that I'm going to High School, I thought this was a great time to start looking for a new one. Now right now im kind of strolling in the dark. So if anyone could give me atleast an idea of what mouthpiece I should get. (I'm going to be trying out for the Jazz Band, so i would appreciate some insight on mouthpieces that can double in a Jazz/Concert setting)

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  1. by krestonsmith
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    9 years ago

    Re: Help on Saxophone mouthpieces.

    Well . .. .  a mouthpiece is like a pair of shoes . . .they do not look good on everyones feet.

    You are going to need to try on a few for size to be sure you get what works for YOU. As far as concert and jazz . ..  I would recommend going with a Hard Rubber Mouthpiece. I have a student that is on a Selmer C* SOLOIST which works well for him. Jody Jazz makes a good Hard Rubber and the Vandoren T25 can cross over some as well. However, it is really better to have two different set-ups, but on a budget, either of those piece will get the job done. The key to sounding good is playing LONG TONES everyday and getting familiar with OVERTONES are and learning how to play them. Check out some videos on YOUTUBE about Saxophone OVERTONES. Knowing this first and understanding how to play an overtone will go a LONG way when you start trying out mouthpieces. Overtones are little advanced, but if you can get one or twoor even three fo them to play on the instrument . . . you will be able to test a mouthpiece and know if it is good fit faster. Also, I would NOT buy something online . ..  iw ould og to your local music store and try as many as they will let you .Ask them to order some. Also, bring a tuner and play octaves .  .Bb .. . .Middle Bb  and Octave Bb then check C# and B and most of all the D which is usually the worst on the horn beside C#. If you get a rock solid intonation, good overtone placement, control and free blowng mouthpiece you should be on target. Last thing, is be sure you have Several reed strengths to try the mouthpiece out with. If it is a close facing the reed needs to be harder . . . if it is an open mouthpiece the reed should be softer. Hope this helps you . .. .remember the Journey is more important than the destination. Be sure you try several before settling on anything. you wil be happy you did.

    Good Times and Happy Playing . . .. .

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