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by Sabytet99
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8 years ago

John Packer soprano saxophones

I am about to start lessons on soprano saxophone and have been looking at second hand saxes. I have found a John Packer, are they any good? I am just looking for a starter, not a proffesional grade sax.

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  1. by Saxquest
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    8 years ago

    Re: John Packer soprano saxophones

    John Packer is a brand imported by a well respected shop in south west England. I'm not sure if these horns are imported from China or Taiwan? John Packer instruments are offered in everything from flute and piccolo to tuba to saxophone and most everything in between. The advatage these horns offer are when purchased new, they come with a John Packer shop set up which is critical for any new saxophone. Unfortunately, you loose that advantage when purchasing a used saxophone. So, the resell is not all that great. Which works to your advantage as a second hand buyer.

    I've not seen a soprano saxophone, but I've seen an alto which was a decent student level instrument. If you're getting into it for a resonable price and you can have it shop tested before you purchase, it could be a good deal. However, make sure its test for pitch. Some of the imported branded sopranos can play horribly out of tune. Hope this help and best of luck!!

         Mark Overton

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