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by steven moeller
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8 years ago

cannonball on classical

i've been playing saxophone for about a year now. i've been playing the bari sax that belongs to my school this whole time and it's time i get a saxophone of my own for collage. i intend to major in music ed using saxophone as my principal instument. i'm in the market for an alto and i've played aroung on several different brands and models. i have expierienced a mark six, but purley as a reference point, as i have no intention of dropping the massive some of money required to get a mark six in decent shape. having said that, the closest i have come in my indevers to a mark six is the yamaha 875-ex. a beautiful horn in every way, sound, feel, look, ect...but the four grand price tag on it is a little steep for me. recently i played a cannonball vintage reborn alto saxophone. i loved it, however my teacher has warned me away from cannonball. so i ask: what are the pro's and cons of the brand. i'm aware that it is somewhat of a crapshoot to find a decent one...but i seem to have done so. please answer from both a classical and jazz point of view. thank you.

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  1. by RyanCannonball
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    8 years ago

    Re: cannonball on classical


    Hi Steven,

    I'm a saxophonist who works for Cannonball, so I'll chime in here.

    I always advise players searching for a new horn (like you) to try a lot of horns & find one that will let you take it as far as you can, that will last for a long time, and that best fits you personally. You want a horn that you love to play.

    We have over 100 saxohpone artists, both classical and jazz. What a lot of people don't know is that we don't give any horns away - our artists all pay for their horns. That way, you know they're all playing Cannonball because they love the horns. So that list of artists ( speaks for itself :)

    For example, Branford Marsalis plays a Vintage Reborn alto and has been doing a lot of classical touring lately.  You can see him here:

    Rob Rose is another fantastic classical teacher & performer who plays a Big Bell Stone Series for classical & jazz:

    We're a local (Salt Lake City) company, we take care of our customers, and we stand behind our horns with a 5-year warranty. It sounds like that Cannonball Vintage alto worked great for you. If you (or your teacher) have any other specific questions about Cannonball, feel free to call me at 801-563-3081.

    Thanks & good luck!

    - Ryan




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