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by Whitestone
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8 years ago

tenor sax mpc recommendations sought...


Realizing that whatever I chose will need tech refinishing, WWBW will permit four mpcs at a time--please provide insights, empirical data, etc., on the following (either 'yea' or 'nay'):

thank you!



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  1. by GFC
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    8 years ago

    Re: tenor sax mpc recommendations sought...

    I think the metal and hard rubber Links are a good deal. The metal links are notoriously inconsistent, so play test them before you commit to buying. The New York Links have the largest chamber, which will get the deepest and darkest sound. My personal choice is a New York Link. The clarity and projection of a metal piece may or may not be an advantage over a hard rubber piece depending on the situation.

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  2. by Zaxman
    (31 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: tenor sax mpc recommendations sought...


    It is a great idea to check out multiples of the same mouthpiece you are interested in when you have the opportunity. If you are worried about immediately having to send the mouthpiece to be worked on by a re-facer I highly recommend checking out pieces that have already had hand finishing done by expert mouthpiece techs.  Companies like MACSAX, Jody Jazz, Ted Klum, Mouthpiece Cafe or any other company that has an expert mouthpiece tech hand finish every piece before it goes out. All of those companies pay extreme attention to detail when they put a mouthpiece on the market.  Each mouthpiece they produce is inspected and hand finished by someone who really knows what a good mouthpiece needs. 

    The current production Otto Link's are a little bit more massed produced which leaves more room for inconsistencies. There are a lot of choices out there and the line between quality and cost effective can often be a little gray. Take re-views of mouthpieces with a grain of salt and always keep in mind the sound that you want. 

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  3. by kelsey
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    7 years ago

    Re: tenor sax mpc recommendations sought...

    I have a Jody Jazz HR 7* I play on alto that I like very much. For tenor I prefer metal. On my tenor I play on a Jody Jazz DV 7* that I like very much.....:) (Oh I forgot, Jody Jazz mouthpieces are hand finished and don't need extra work once you buy it)

    Barry Kelsey

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