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by Erykah
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9 years ago

Should I just buy a new saxophone?

I've been playing an Andreas Eastman ETS640-GL tenor saxophone for a little over a year now. Well, what can i say, it plays great, I love it, but its given me many problems. First it started off with a leak in the high F# key (fixed it with tape, not too proud), then my left hand pinky keys got all bent up, a missing screw to hold that post in place, and a low Bb key that does not close all the way. With all of that going on i was thinking if i should just get a new saxophone thats maybe more durable, its not like i just throw my sax everywhere. So, what do you think? Should i just repair or get a new sax all in all? If so, What Tenor saxophone do you recommend?

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  1. by Saxquest
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    9 years ago

    Re: Should I just buy a new saxophone?

    Eastman makes a decent saxophone. I would definitely take it to a quality repair tech and let them have a look at it before you just decide to drop for a new horn. Especially if you otherwise liked how it played. Its possible that it was never set up properly to begin with. Every new saxophones (regardless of brand) should be set up properly by an expert repair tech to begin with.

    Also, there's no reason why the left hand pinky keys on an Eastman would be more or less susceptible to getting bent than on any other saxophone in the same price range. If you don't remember bumping it or otherwise bending those keys, you may want to check the fit in the case. ALso, has any one else borrowed your instrument? It doesn't sound like a new horn is the right anwser. I recommend getting the one you have into proper regulation and then being sure to take very good care of it.  Best of Luck!!

         Mark Overton


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