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by BSax99
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8 years ago

Metal mouthpiece reviews - alto

I have been playing for a few years on alto and am looking to upgrade my mouthpiece. I am currently playing on a Yanagasawa 901 with the stock grade 6 mouthpiece. I have looked at metal vs hard rubber and prefer the tone of metal, it suits the style I play too. I was wondering if more expirienced players here had any suggestions about good metal pieces for alto. Cost isn't a great concern, I feel that it's better to invest in something good now than be wanting to change etc. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!  

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  1. by kelsey
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    7 years ago

    Re: Metal mouthpiece reviews - alto

    I have always used hard rubber mouthpieces on alto and metal mouthpieces on tenor. Over the last year I bought a Jody Jazz DV *7(metal mouthpiece) for my tenor and I really loved it. Later, although a little expensive,  I decided to try one for my alto as well. The alto piece is a little harder for me to control but I love the brighter sound. If you have time and $550. I can reccomend it. It's the Jody Jazz DV 7* for alto...good luck...~)

    Barry Kelsey

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    1. by Saxquest
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      7 years ago

      Re: Metal mouthpiece reviews - alto

      I agree! If you're going to a brighter sound and you want to play metal on alto, the Jody Jazz DV is worth looking into.

           Mark Overton

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