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by Daleksax
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7 years ago

Section Leader in the Need of Help

Hello, I am currently the Low Woodwind captain (saxophone section leader) of the Wesley Chapel Highschool Marching Band. I have experiance playing soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax and also bassoon and bass clarinet. This is my first year as the Captain of the low woodind/saxophone section and I feel as if no matter how hard I work and push I can not get through to my section.

Wesley Chapel's marching band is not the largest of bands, with a wind section of 28, a guard of 16, a drumline of 6 and a frontline of 9. So, of being such small size every player counts, if one does not play, it drastically effects the balance of the group. The saxophone lineup this year is 2 alto's, 2 tenors (including myself), and 1 bari.  

The true problem that it comes down to is, in all honesty, my saxophone section is probably the most lost section in the entire band. A majority of the sax's do not know their parts to the show and those who do play their parts play so quietly that you can't even hear it or they stop playing while marching. I have pushed and pushed and pushed with my section but nothing seems to get through to them, at sectionals barely any improvment is made and it is hard to get my section to even head my advice. I feel that the only way to get my point through to the sax's is to be an ass hole...

I just need some advice to get my sax section on track,listening and wanting to push foward and become stronger players.


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  1. by kelsey
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    7 years ago

    Re: Section Leader in the Need of Help

    My advice is to not take yourself so seriously. Relax and enjoy being there.

    Barry Kelsey

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  2. by arsenicCatfish
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    7 years ago

    Re: Section Leader in the Need of Help

    Please, take no offense when I compare you to my director, but huh always keeps a firm hold on us! If we don't learn our part, we don't play the art. He also makes us make flash cards for every fingering, and study them. However, he doesn't let that stop him from joking around. He makes it as fun as possible, so we WANT to learn to play! Just don't drake everything too seriously, but don't be afraid to yell. If they can't handle it, i doubt they can handle marching and playing entire parades. Best of luck to you!

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