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by Hazel1969
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9 years ago

Information required


I found a little saxophone  in my parents attic.  From what I can tell it is a Buffet Crampon Evette Schaeffer saxophone made in Paris seriel no. 22345 which I think means it was made in 1913.  The age of the case certainly points to this. 
The distributor was Carl Fischer New York.
  It is in reasonably good condition with no dents or serious defects and seems to have the original pads and is silver plated. It is curved and has a Hawkes and Son mouthpiece but I'm not sure if it's a soprano or alto sax?  The reeds are in poor condition and I can only get a few notes out of it. Do you think it would be worth getting it restored and is it of any value.  I'd be grateful if anyone can help?


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  1. by Saxquest
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    9 years ago

    Re: Information required

    If your intent is to play the instrument then I would definitely say, "NO, its not worth restoring". If your intent is to preserve a family heiloom or it has sentimental value, then by all means, its worth whatever you deem its worth. But in terms of resale, restoring it is a loosing proposition.

    These old turn of the century Carl Fischer imports from Buffet are not very good saxophones. They were even out dated in their day. Mechanistically, they are terrible and they play horrribly out of tune. To be perfectly honest, an original 1800's Adolphe Sax is a much better instrument even with the double octave mechanism.

    Sorry for the not so great report, but hopefully, this information will save you money if you were thinking of restoring it for resale.

    Best of Luck!!

         Mark Overton

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    1. by Hazel1969
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      9 years ago

      Re: Information required

      Hi, Thanks for your reply and the info.  it is a bit disappointing but finding it has stirred my interest and I might consider finding a better sax to learn to play.  I gave it a polish and it looks nice if nothing else!  All the best and thanks again.


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