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16 years ago

1904 Conn Soprano questions

A trumpet playing friend pulled out his grandad's old Soprano and asked me if I was interested in it. I'm more of a tenor player, and never having played a soprano before, I'm not sure if the problems I'm having are simply my inexperience. (I had the pads cleaned and keys adjusted already) Any tips are appreciated: 1) I can't anything below a D, no matter how much I try and drop my jaw. 2) There seem to be two octave keys. Does anyone know about this? 3) Any idea of the value of the horn. It is a Conn with serial # 3517 stamped near the the thumb support. (the shop that fixed the horn looked it up and told me it was made in 1904, but had no idea of value.) Overall I find this horn very difficult to play, but the tone is quite beautiful. Thanks! - Bryan

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  1. by SaxMan
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    16 years ago

    Re: 1904 Conn Soprano questions

    this was before automatic octave mechs so that is why it has 2 mechs. the sax was still very young then - less than 40 years - only 16 years in the united states so it will not really be a playing horn - more of a collecting thing - though it realy doesn't have that much value either - its more for sax maniacs like me. If you are mad at it, i would take it off your hands - depending on condition. I am cramped for cash right now so it wouldnt be a whole lot - I have to see how much this la patrie collection model is going to cost and dinner on saturday night, but I owuld probably buy it form you - that is if you want to sell it. see what I mean ed?

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