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by xavierjohanis
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6 years ago

Jazz Improvisation Tips and Techniques


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to learn how to create or add licks and improvise. I'm new to improvising so I don't really have any idea about improvising on saxophone but I'm listening most of Warren Hill and Gerald Albright's songs since then and I love their play style. Well I have heared some vidoes that has some great licks and I'm looking forward on learning.

Teste Boquilha "Jumbo Java A45" - Kassio:


Gerald Albright So Amazing Free Style by Big John on Alto

Please tell me on how to I start and what are the tips for me to follow to make licks like those on the video.


Thanks :)





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  1. by onlinejazz
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    6 years ago

    Re: Jazz Improvisation Tips and Techniques


    Below are some tips for jazz Improvision

    1. Learn To Leave Space
    2. Use A Slowdown Program To Learn To Play Fast
    3. Change The Way You Feel The Rhythm Feel
    4. Simplify The Chord Changes
    5. Play Ideas That Fit Easily Under Your Hands
    6. Have Some Fast Tempo Ideas Already Worked Out
    7. Force Yourself To Improvise At Faster Tempos

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