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by AJ6799
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6 years ago

New Tenor Sax Metal Mouthpiece Not Working

Hi everyone, 
I recently purchased a new metal tenor moutpiece from amazon (link below), however something isn't right and being relatively new at the tenor sax I'm not really sure what.  When I unpacked it and put on my #2 RICO tenor reeds on, it didn't fit correctly. It was too wide for the table. I eventually was able to get the ligature on, but when I tried to use it, any note above the D with the octave key was extremely high and squeaky. I then tried it with my Alto # 2.5 RICO reeds, but pretty much the same thing happened. None of the other notes sound quite right, however I can't tell if that's just the change from plastic to metal. I figure that it's one of three problems.

1: The mouthpiece is not fitting over the cork, and the seal is not complete. The cork is indented due to the old mouthpiece (I got it from my school), so this seems like it could be a possibility. Would this require a recorking?

2: I purchased an incorrect mouthpiece that does not fit my sax correctly. If this is the case, where can I get a correctly fitting one for under $80 USD?

3: I need a special/different reed for this moupiece. If so, where can I get one which will work?

I know that the sax works fine because everything can play correctly with the old mouthpiece.

The brand is Pan American, if that matters. I recently had it serviced, however the neck wasn't recorked. 

I'm new to the forums, so if this is in the wrong place please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help. 

Here is the link to the mouthpiece I bought. 

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  1. by FlyTWA
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    6 years ago

    Re: New Tenor Sax Metal Mouthpiece Not Working

    Find a local instrumental Music store and go and try the mouthpieces. Most places allow this and sanitize them when finish. There no one mouthpiece that works great on every instrument. Price may not matter either. Get away from Rico reeds try a sample packs of Vandoren reeds. Do not buy mouthpiece without trying first. Always had good luck Meyers. Happy hunting.

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