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by sbn567
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6 years ago

Is a 3.5 reed strength to stiff for me?

I found my sound bursting on 3s. Should I go stiffer or just learn to play softer. (I am in a middle school band)

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  1. by Saxquest
    (420 posts)

    6 years ago

    Re: Is a 3.5 reed strength to stiff for me?

    May be more of a mouthpiece issue than reed issue. What mouthpiece are you using?

         Mark Overton

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  2. by Maestro.58
    (9 posts)

    6 years ago

    Re: Is a 3.5 reed strength to stiff for me?

    What do you mean by "bursting."  It is important to sound musical!  For marching band you wnat a big sound, but again, keep in mind, you are playing music.  If your tone is harsh it may not be the reeds fault, either.
         Playing a saxophone is a relationship of elements that begin with your air column.  Like vocalists, we must breather from our diaphragm - actually from the lowerr parts of our abdomen - below the belly-button about two inches and about two inches IN!  Our embouchers must be formed properly (I prefer the double-lip emboucher); the mouthpiece must be right; throw away the ligature that the sax came with and get a decent ligature (Rob=vner is good, and not too expensive); your mouthpiece must be appropriate for your mouth; and of course the quality of your sax is a consideration. All of these elements work together to give you the sound that you are getting.  There is one more element, though - PRACTICE.
         Get yourself a GOOD private teacher, and PRACTICE ALOT!

    Best Wishes,


    Robert E. Schuenemann

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