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6 years ago

Help me identify my Gaurdala Sax!

I have had my Dave Guardala Alto Sax for about 12 years now. It Is a great horn and I have never even thought of replacing it. I have been through multiple tenors but have loves this alto since I got it. The thing is I got it as a gift in high school and I know absolutely nothing about it. I have looked for the B&S serial numbers and I have found nothing. I have come to terms with the fact that I won't find a chart with the serial numbers but I was hoping some of you are Guardala players and can give me info based on your knowlege. I can't even find anything on the sax itself. It's just crazy!!!! My serial number is 006xxx. It says made in Germany right below that. On the bell it says Dave Guardala New York but I don't think it is the new York model because I read somewhere that it would have towers on the bell. The bell just has a floral design. If you have any thoughts on the model and serial number please let me know!!!!

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  1. by JessAlbin04
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    4 years ago

    Re: Help me identify my Gaurdala Sax!

    It sounds just like the one I had that I sold about 11 years ago. Had the flowers, said New York, made in Germany, even the serial number was close to that, but I think it was 005*** I loved that horn. Only reason I sold it was because I needed the cash for my family. I think the towers were on the newer New York versions. Hope this helps, and if you are ever interested in selling, let me know. I would definitely be interested in purchasing it. Good luck!

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