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by martysax
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17 years ago

Back-up Tenor

I'm looking to find a suitable back-up Tenor to bring to a gig when I don't want to wreck either my '62 Super 20 or '64 Mark VI. These day's I play a lot of pop/R+B/dance music in a wedding/GB band. I want something as bright as the Super 20, anything out there for under $1000?

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  1. by SaxMan
    (559 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: Back-up Tenor

    not unless its made in india. But you can get a eldorado for pretty cheap, and it is a copy of the mark VI - the only thing would to be find one that is still alive. Ask bear or sarge - bear is a vintage yanagisawa nut i think and I beleive I saw one on sarges site.

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