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by YanagisawA-901
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17 years ago

My Yani 901???

ok, well, i have a yani 901, if u didnt gather that ur not dumb at all...... but i been hearn a lot of crap about it.. a junior in highschool, and its serving me well right now, but im wondering if itll do me well through college?? cuz im definately playing in college, if i make it, but im getting worried if my sax is gonna meet the demands of college.. and if not, whats a good step up from my 901, yani or not yani..

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  1. by Goldref18
    (145 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: My Yani 901???

    Yanis=Meh in my opinion. If you like the tone u get with that horn check out the keilworths but i honestly advocate vintage selmers and bueschers.

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  2. by sonnyrollins57
    (17 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: My Yani 901???

    I dont think you would need to trade your horn in college to get college demands.I have heard some great players playing on T-901s.I play on a Yts-62II silver and that horn plays great.I also have a vintage 1930 martin handcraft tenor.If you want a monster sound you should check out the Vintage conn 10ms or the martin horns.I consider them the sleeping giants of true sound.I've been playing with those horns for over 7 years now

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